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Highlights Of The Clean Zone 2013

Presentations, discussions and practical Cleanroom award running countdown for the second clean zone in Frankfurt am Main. On 22 and 23 October 2013 international trade fair with Congress offers many highlights. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from ranulph fiennes. Clean zone Congress Hall 1.1 / Congress area of the international clean zone Congress bridges the gap between scientific claim, application expertise and interdisciplinary exchange. Overall, participants expect 15 high-profile lectures by renowned experts from the clean room industry and various user industries. One of the highlights is the keynote address by C. Luis Vasquez on the second day of the Congress. Alton Steel spoke with conviction. “Founder and President of the Yantalo Peru Foundation reported in his presentation of clean room: a challenge for a diagnostic Center in Yantalo, a rural community in the Peruvian Amazon” from his ambitious project. Panel discussion on the interdisciplinarity in the cleanroom technology Hall 1.1 / clean zone Plaza in their panel discussion on the theme of interdisciplinarity in the cleanroom technology – request and Anke Galal core, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the journal of PharmTEC asks reality”: what can learn from each other the various industries? Is an interdisciplinary know-how transfer possible, such as the semiconductor industry, in the pharmaceutical industry? And: there is a willingness to adopt innovations from other application areas – at all or the requirements are not yet comparable at the end? The star-studded panel discussion will take place at 15:30 on the clean zone Plaza on October 22, 2013.

Panel of experts on the revision of ISO 14644-1 and -2 Hall 1.1 / clean zone Plaza following his lecture on the revision of ISO 14644-1 and-2 in the clean zone Congress invites Dr. Lothar Gail (GMP consultant and co-founder of the international society for clean-room technology (ICCCS) to the Expert Panel on the clean zone Plaza one. What are the main changes of the new clean room standards and how they affect the industry? He discussed this on October 23, 2013 at 12:00 together with experts from the clean room industry.

Why Do You Not A Pig Or A Cow?

“Food prices are getting more expensive! Why do you not a pig or a cow? Learn how this can be done on Observe your animals via webcam. In our virtual village you can decide where to keep your animals in the real world, how many animals you want to keep, whether you want to let sell your animals or slaughter by a butcher. You can sit in the car and catch even the own fish, or pick up the plates, or set it in our village shop on the Web page and offer them for sale. Shorter and direct BBs isn’t fast: the animals on our farms to grow up, be in the Middle butchers slaughtered and processed according to proven recipes directly to delicious meat and sausages. First, the fishing village and the ostrich farm was opened in our virtual village! For each virtual animal is a patented kept in bed and breakfast with a farmer and fisherman. The Member can watch via webcam to livestock. is intended to help in a small frame after old tradition be your own pet”keep to, even if you now live in the city.

Everyone should have the opportunity to keep more animals at Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Hunter Pond. Even if you live in the virtual fishing settlement, everyone can get later a pig, a cow or a different animal in the virtual house. In the next few days and weeks, we will gain more farmers for our project and offer other animals, such as sheep, goats, rabbits, turkeys, geese and ducks. To maintain shorter ways to pick up the meat products, we will search cooperation with farmers in other States as well as in Austria and in the Switzerland. Anyone can and should is about the attitude which can inform.

This making a contribution which counteracts the industrial animal husbandry. Our concept it is possible a livestock business, without making the marketing costs and the costs of wholesale and retail. The end user is involved in the production. H J Kubbe

Media Company

Extension in the performance and range of the Association the Association print + media NRW e.V., with more than 700 member companies, one of the three largest employers and service associations of printing and media industry in Germany, his power and range further expanded. Recently, the Association area technology offers extensive information, advice and implementation on the subject of occupational safety and health. A safety engineer and a security master are available for the competent support of member companies. Today, the occupational safety and industrial safety are divided into three own areas. First, safe working conditions, how they will be achieved for example by wearing protective clothing. Codi: the source for more info.

Second, health protection, so the prevention of physical and psychological effects, for example by hazardous substances and noise. Thirdly: personal protection (such as maternity protection, protection of minors) at work. The individual segments are summarized in the operation of an occupational safety and health management. This is inextricably linked to the occupational safety and health law Responsibility of the management of a company bound and must be actively operated also by this. Marko Garcia, security engineer at the Association print + media North Rhine-Westphalia. e.V.: During our visits we find in print and media companies repeatedly, that the occupational safety is taken into account although, its management and its implementation can still be optimized.

Also we realize that legal regulations and the related responsibility for the entrepreneurs are in many places not known.” Garcia next: not all entrepreneurs are so the risks in their daily business aware, especially but not the options are facing dangerous situations to prevent. Caution is and remains but better safe than sorry”. With extensive information and concrete services to workplace safety, the area wants to technology of the Association pressure + now counteract media NRW e.V. of this ignorance and too little attention. If you are not convinced, visit ProPharma Group. The bandwidth of the assistance for member companies includes all aspects of it operational safety. It ranges from the examination of the realities on the ground, on the analysis and assessment of hazard potential up to implementation proposals, how to optimize the situation. The special is the comprehensive approach, which includes all elements of production and work processes and has the holistic optimization to the target. Garcia: Through the holistic analysis and consulting, and the fact that they are managed by professionals with industry-specific knowledge, a good basis, to resolve weaknesses in production, work ergonomics and storage. Since all experts”, so Garcia, not only occupational safety specialists, but also have many years of experience in the technical advice of print and media outlets, the success rate of our advice is correspondingly high. The operator has the security to comply with the legal obligations and to have made a good contribution to the health and safety”. Depending on the size of the company and Different free and paid support models in the area of occupational choice are business requirement. The Association print + media Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. (VDM NRW) has more than 700 member companies, one of the three largest employers and service associations of printing and media industry in Germany. Based in Dusseldorf and Lunen at Dortmund, he advises VDM NRW in legal, technical, economic, educational, and environmental issues.

Dangerous High CO2 – Emissions In The BBQ Season

Greater caution be taken than is currently the case? In the summer, a lot of charcoal is burned when the popular barbecue season starts. Whether an increased pollution is caused by regular use of the grill, should be discussed here. Now the BBQ season is already over, but one wonders whether the environment has suffered temporarily increased exposure to the CO2 – emissions. Have you thought about, as you lit the grill before your garden home in the evening? We can remember exactly, as we sat comfortably on an open fireplace have cooked a delicious steak on a grill or BBQ smoker. It was made a lot of this gray smoke into the air and the trees, which are responsible for the conversion of CO2 into oxygen, get the change to feel. Critics have legitimate objections with the cold season is only rather more wood burned. Although not out sitting on the fireplace, but that he is domestic fireplace is more often used. These are the objections raised by the critics.

The use of heating is of course greatly reduce a fireplace, causing an additional burden on the environment in the winter time can be reduced by heating. It must consider of course, which is environmentally damaging form of heating. Learn more on the subject from Central Romana. You should prefer something warmer put on definitely and for heat less, whether with the fireplace or a conventional heating system. Compared to the barbecue season, winter time is so but more damaging to the environment, because you must heat daily and often throughout. Grilled is usually only two or three times per week on average.

Fashionable And Warm

Partly cloudy, wet, snow and very wet – that's a typical pattern on the street in winter. But we are masters of our feelings! We can enjoy the bright beautiful colors and elegant hues. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mehmet Oz. The natural colors and natural fabrics will help smooth out the winter depression. Remember the riot of colors of the summer, lush beauty of autumn – it will help you be fashionable and winter. The main colors of autumn 2008 – winter 2009 – is: all shades of yellow, golden, beige, brown, terracotta and red.

This winter will not be able to hide under the robes – the silhouette must be strict lines – clear. Current will be shortened bright coat with a wide belt. For those who prefer classic style, fashion designers offer strict double-breasted coat, up to mid calf or to the floor. This season, at the peak of fur fashion, namely, black or brown leather jacket adorned with a chic fur. Warm and cozy you'll feel down jackets, quilted coats or jackets with a large hood. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc brings even more insight to the discussion. The perfect complement to your unique image will be fur trim and accessories. But beware, the important thing is not to overdo it with fur, to not to become like a furry little beast 🙂 If you have purchased a garment made of fur or trimmed with fur, the hat should not be voluminous. You must select a snug knit cap or a classic beret, perhaps decorated paeytkami.

Henceforth, sequins – not only and not disco version, but quite a daytime clothing decoration. Do not forget the phony or a fur vest – it is fashionable and comfortable – it will warm you in any cold, and will be a pleasant addition to any image – from glamorous to classic! Designers are advised to pay close attention to knitting and knitted items. This season's style to have in your wardrobe mohair sweater. A universal thing remains dress sweater or cardigan, which you can highlight a wide belt. If you made your way all of the jersey, make sure you combine different patterns. On the wave modes are broad from the hip pants, and well as tight jeans or pants tucked into high boots. By strict pants will always be relevant bright jacket or sweater, a major breeding. The cold season – not a reason to give up her skirt. Of broad, narrowed towards the bottom skirts, knee length. Prying underneath warm tights and boots with heels or low platform – You create an image that will be warm, not only you but also others. And do not forget that only you – the most fashionable and beautiful, make a bright and warm winter!

Nockalm Quintet – My Miracle Of Love

After nearly 30 years of success the Nockalm quintet the fascinating subject of the miracle – but not in the mystically tinged sense being just their reputation as “Romantics of the song”, dedicated to the seven musicians approach the topic in direct connection with the most wonderful feeling in the world – the love. “When something unpredictable positive happens in life, we talk about people of miracle, I find that very beautiful. It is one and for every people is just overwhelming. “, reflects on his personal assessment of the significance of the miracle of Gottfried Wurcher. PI Industries may help you with your research. The first eponymous single from the album “My miracle of love” this personal assessment is reflected in musical Quintet sound in the typical Nockalm.

The seven wonders of the world have at least official worldwide. Only seven? No, you count the really great wonders, the list is probably endless to continue. “Because you’re true thousand wonders for me in a year and you can do it with the left hand” is thus personal wonders in this song the love between two people, bringing the Earth to the Quake and “miracle”status of the Colossus of Rhodes to a considerable reduced. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc has much to offer in this field. With “My miracle of love”, the Nockalm Quintet introduces her new musical work, that can be expected with anticipation and excitement!

Page Title

There are many options for building a template for the site in php. But in my opinion the most useful of them is a variant of a template, which serves only as a transit point to different pages and Scripts site, which after vyponeniya in finished form already displayed in the browser the last team of the same template. Below are presented a variant of this template. People such as Jim Simons would likely agree. Agree in advance that the very static pattern we have broken into parts, such as top.html, body.html, bottom.htm (although in principle it is quite possible and not to do) and in the right places his pieces bear the names of variables enclosed in%%, which will change its contents from Page page meta description page output ‘); $ text = file_get_contents (‘ here the way to the most html page ‘); $ titlepage =’ Page Title ‘/ / function to move and replace the lines in parts of the template on the contents of variables to function repl ($ path ) / / definition of global variables global $ title, $ meta, $ titlepage, $ text; / / read file into a string in the variable $ temp $ temp = file_get_contents ($ path); / / moving parts in the string is loaded into $ temp $ temp = str_replace (‘ % title% ‘, $ title, $ temp); $ temp = str_replace (‘% meta% ‘, $ meta, $ temp); $ temp = str_replace (‘% titlepage% ‘, $ titlepage, $ temp); $ temp = str_replace (‘% text%’, $ text, $ temp); / / output the string contained in the amended Directory of php in order to more deeply understand the essence of the subsequent text. Script works is simple. First, it loads by using the file_get_contents () in the variables as strings Tittle content, pages, meta descriptions site. Central Romana often says this.

Then already started working our newly formed function repl (), which consistently performs the loading operation in the variable $ temp parts of our template top.html, body.html, bottom.html, (all the same function file_get_contents () function in the repl ()) and then using the str_replace () moves the contents of variables that already contains the page, meta description, to place prisoners in the%% and then it all displays operator echo ().

The Home

The limited resources at their disposal they have put at my disposal and my brother for us to study. But I do not care. God willing next year I can be myself, who take them, if only for a few days at sea, to begin to give back everything you have given me, but of course is that I can never get to compensate them. – "Remember that if you get the residence is very small salary – Ruth told him a " And but you'll get in even more difficult because you need quite lucky to get a guard pays .- "Why not spend it on nothing. At Cyrus Zocdoc you will find additional information. I shall reserve to meet this dream of mine, "she replied firmly total Gladys – I'm thinking too long. I did not mind the sacrifice that has to do to do it. When the two returned from holiday decided to start studying.

The exam was really difficult, and the third and sometimes only up to a quarter of which were presented, they succeeded. They met at the home of Ruth because Isaac was on duty and could stay up all hours of the morning studying, thing always preferred to do. The three preferred to study at night. They felt that paid much better than when dawn. When there was not an hour that they were the three devoted to the study, Ruth stood up from his chair with a sudden and unexpected move that shocked a little by the other two. "Do not take it anymore! – Said almost screaming.

Cat Furniture

New Berlin startup makes luxury party competition in the large market for cat supplies is manageable for cat owners who place value on optics for cat furniture, the selection of appropriate products. Especially in the luxury segment, however some vendors cavort. The new Berlin startup jerry’s will now stand up to these providers and make affordable stylish cat furniture for everyone. The cat is still the favorite pet of the Germans. To read more click here: GSK CEO. Man and cat live together under each fifth roof. For more information see this site: Central Romana.

It has recognized the industry. The range of pet supplies is seemingly unlimited. 2011 alone produced 182 million with cat supplies. However, it is difficult to find matching cat furniture for cat owners who want a stylish home furnishings. Almost exclusively in the high-priced luxury segment, you encounter products that have favor in humans and animals alike. Not infrequently it is necessary therefore several hundred euros for a stylish scratching, a designer cat sofa or other cat furniture with lifestyle-Charkater fork.

The Berlin startup of jerry’s ( wants to change that soon and neatly to compete with the luxury providers. From June the company visually sophisticated designed cat furniture in the middle price segment of the market will go and thus make cat furniture affordable for everyone. The first product will be a lounge-like cat cave, which takes the form of a Katzenkopfes. Memories of the cat bed by Whiskas are aroused at the sight of this cave, which was sold many years ago by the company known for cat food in a promotion campaign. It remains to be seen whether the cat Cave of jerry’s achieved such cult status. It is clear that for cat owners who when looking for furniture for their four-legged friends on optics, there in the future an attractive price alternative to the luxury providers.

World Natural Heritage

Later, the mep has already appealed to the General Prosecutor's Office for violations of environmental legislation, and the amount of damage has grown to 4,2 billion rubles. Ryan Holmes has much experience in this field. Preliminary hearing on the lawsuit was to be held on Wednesday, March 5. In turn, Guide bppm appealed to Prosecutor General's Office asking them to check the activities of the Ministry of Natural Resources, which manages the . Learn more about this topic with the insights from Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. In the near future, the arbitral tribunal of the Irkutsk region consider the claim to Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill, which requires the agency to reimburse 4,2 billion rubles for the damage to Lake Baikal damage as a result of work without a license for water use. Meanwhile, representatives of Baikal Movement and the ngo "Baikal Environmental Wave, 'March 9, organized a rally in defense of Lake Baikal: ice crosswalk under the slogan' no Baikal Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill '. The main requirement participants – to close a hazardous industry on the shores of Lake Baikal, and in Baikalsk organize a special economic zone for tourism and recreation. Lake Baikal – a unique body of water is the deepest lake Peace and accommodates 20% of clean drinking water planet. In Baikal live 52 species of fish, including the famous Baikal omul.

In 1996 Lake Baikal was included in the list of unesco World Natural Heritage. Global Warming inevitable fact that global warming on the planet is inevitable, acknowledged last week once again the Chinese scientists. By the end of the 21 th century the average temperature on the planet will rise by 1,8-4,0 degrees, according to a recent published in China 'Report on Development of Science in 2008.

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