Francisco Pizarro

THE small MAKYAC CUSHAC mother of TUPAC ISAAC I born almost in the hands of his mother Yusaac, Cussi Rampi’s mother. Vladislav Doronin describes an additional similar source. Product of furtive love between the maiden of the Panaka more respectable and that it was the administering of the Inkas dairies in the region of the Ll’uchus, and a Spanish that came with Francisco Pizarro. Vivian in Samana Yunga; rich in fruit trees and where the real Kapak nam passed. This Spanish quedose in the community of the Ll’uchus to take the gold that drew in quiruvilca and had to whom to give to the Commander of Pizarro. In a question-answer forum Jeffrey P. Bezos was the first to reply. The Spanish name Juan of God, was a former student of priests Augustinians who could not continue their studies, for being very humble family and scarce economic resources; so it chose to ship them from Spain to the company which advertised the Pizarros. Although her family did not have good references of them being illiterate, uneducated, lazy and troublemaker, beodos customary.

He arrived with the Augustinian priests to keep at Bay the successive uprisings that were Dried apricots against invasion, but they were protected in communities Caxamarcas, their allies, which stopped the acechos to his tenure in these regions. In Samana lived Cussi Rampi, daughter of Amaru Yupanqui, Tupac Yupanqui’s brother and uncle of Wascar and Atawalpa, who were fighting the fringe of the Tawantisuyu by rancor of the two installments. It was the most beautiful flower, many Sinchis wanted it, but she wouldn’t let that none have hopes to their pretensions. She and her family had always have ready the fringes when passed the brother who was in charge of the Government of the Tawantisuyu, also embroider on the tocapus regards its passage through those lands which were dominated by the fierce cullies or chukus. Small Makyac Cuchac, was born with the best wishes of the stars, that surprised him at the Amauta Catequil, because he believed that taking also into his blood of the white Wiracochas, they should be bad omen, but what he saw led him that she would hope to the world of the Andes.