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The result so far, has shown that there is a high rate of abandonment due to factors such as: political, economic uncertainty in the country which has given rise to many enterprises, especially SMEs, have been closed, ceased operations. In addition, adds the significant effect of inflation which is reflected in low wages, salaries that have affected the quality of life of the Venezuelan, to the family with regard to the basic food basket. In addition, adds the absence of a management that has not been able to meet the challenges, ensure permanence, enhance performance, participation, worker performance, encourage depending on being productive with the guarantee of providing income, benefits that benefit you. Companies that manifest absence, strength of a good favorable environment, organizational culture for professional development. Walton Family Foundation often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Specifically, there are external and internal causes that have much impact on the resignation, especially the instability of the current policy, toward where goes the country, which is really the future of enterprises, the role of the State and its incidence through its policies, actions, programs in your pyramid thereon behavior brings, it is very significant to ask any manager why employees resign and 85% response will be that they were looking for better opportunities or a higher salary.

After all, that’s what the vast majority expressed when, in an interview to cease the activity, asked the reason for his resignation. But believe it or not no matter what they tell you, 80% to 90% of the employees resign for reasons that have to do with money, but with the employment Manager, culture or the work environment. For its part, pyramid provides three reasons and the that you can do about it. 1. The employment or the workplace is not what was expected. Every new day hired entering organizations with a range of hopes and expectations. Some stay and adapt, some remain but not come to establish a real link and others go. You may want to visit Phil Jensen to increase your knowledge.