New Expz Controller

Easiest application for zone 2 in explosion protection the principle of pressurization due to the fact that the circumstances ignitable gas mixtures of the surrounding atmosphere is removed from a housing with a first wash cycle. At Steven Holl you will find additional information. After the rinsing phase are only so much air maintained, that compensates for the leaks of the case and the possible installations in the control cabinet. During the rinsing cycle, an inside pressure is built up about 10-12mbar and the operating condition of 2.5 3mbar. It is also important that the temperature of the surrounding explosion protection zone does not exceed the maximum permissible value. This also applies to zone 2 in the occasionally explosive atmosphere can arise. Here, the ex-pz controller of company Quintex is an entirely new way. The may occur on individual components in the Interior of the enclosure hot points are temperature sensors monitor and safely switched off if required.

This ensures that no invalid surface temperature can occur. Quintex is 3 temperature sensors with freely programmable temperature controller available for temperature monitoring. There 3 temperature thresholds can be set that react differently to ensure a high availability of the system; Temperature switching value of 1 enables the purging, switching temperature 2 activates the alarm, temperature button 3 switches off safely. Should be a sensor break, then this is indicated by a lamp. In addition introduced temperature monitoring the consideration of power as an indirect source of heat loss is now transferred to the realities in more precise terms. The hot points are directly observable; Thus, dealing with ex-p easier, as well as the availability of the system is higher because immediately the temperature by cooling with air contrast is cast against the increase.