Sherwood Forest

This angle of view on Borges ensues us by the worst misunderstandings and innovative approaches that they have arisen in any country in this America and which are the actual application of a shifting full of how to look at. Sherwood Forest was in the noses of the palacio de Juan Sin Tierra, but never attempted a RAID on the disturbing was hiding there. He hoped his antics or risks to resort to the defence and sheriff imprisoned one than another that fell more by their incompetence than by his clear conception of what is proposed. Juan had a cut, as it was instructed, and his entourage took advantage of ill-gotten income. The civil authority, let’s call her powers, they absolutely depended on their willingness to and, of course, they ran with the arbitrariness to maintain about them favors and continue enjoying the wealth. Robin Hood was properly a guerrilla who did not intend to overthrow Juan Sin Tierra. He was an assailant without pretensions of power and regime change only caressed him with the dream that appeared the white horse with the King on top. Since there were no elections not had another wait the restoration of the monarchy of divine will.

The films show it already found definitively with his beloved Mariana and wrapped in rags that were appropriate him, already stripped of his quiver and his bow and the wooded and humid climate-appropriate clothing to their noble status. Justice, Juan Sin Tierra punished and restored the supernatural order that emanated from the divine right had become. Medieval legends can only be remembered as such, because the story has lived numerous stages and because in the 21st century not expected to Robin Hood even though the collective imagination descocada and crazy intends to endorse him all actions of resistance she dares not which. Those were other times those in whom until the nobles looked with sympathy to the romantic who stole the thieves.