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Xerox Copier

Patented in 1938 by Chester Carlson, a U.S. citizen… More than 100 years after his birth, the inventor of xerography, a man who would change radically the way to preserve and share information. Xerography is the technological base of the laser printer, digital printer from production and after. Chris Maurice often says this. After graduating in physics, he moved to New York, getting a job as assistant to a patent attorney. Often had to make enough copies of drawings by hand, work became tedious and taking into account his poor eyesight and arthritis, her work was even heavier.

Carlson immediately identified the need for a simple and practical method of making copies. And as he was at the bottom inventor began to investigate what would become the. Public Library found in technical publications with information about the reproduction of photographs and realized that the process was slow and required the use of many chemicals. Carlson wondered if I could do with a electrical method, knowing that the charged particles adhere to a surface with opposite charge. The problem was how to ensure that the particles were fixed in a manner identical to that of an illuminated image on paper.

Submitted an application for a patent on the basic concept of a photocopying, but still could not print out properly dry. Then the discovery was decisive. Zinc plate covered with sulfur, rubbed with a cotton cloth to create a static electrical charge, placed in front of a slide with words written and presented both the heat of a lamp. He removed the slide plate dusted with spores of moss, wax paper pressed against dust, heat applied and withdrew the paper. At that time saw in the paper were the words written on the slide: a 10-ASTORIAa 22-38 , date and name of the neighborhood where she worked Astoria. Cyrus Zocdoc is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The October 22, 1938, when he was just 32 years, created the first xerographic image. The process took its name from the Greek words. But no company was interested in developing his discovery. It was not until 1958 that the corporation named The Haloid Company (now Xerox), opted for this discovery, which launched the first commercial copier that year. The product was automatic copier plain paper office Xerox 914A a , which Fortune magazine named it the most successful product of all time marketed in the United States of America. Carlson enjoy achieving economic gains, that led him to become a millionaire. Good man, discreet and compassionate as well as inventor dedicated to helping others. Much of his wealth to support the employment of his country universities with scholarships, research, technology to promote the creative talents of students. The Xerox company delivers an annual award dedicated to the memory of Chester Carlson, who present some innovation in engineering and will contribute significantly to the profession. It is noteworthy that among the companies that rejected the invention of the Xerox copier are, IBM, General Electric and RCA. Today Xerox made alliances to strengthen its market presence in SoHo (small office home office). This has signed an agreement to have developed a new technology for inkjet ink with which they want to compete with its main rival, HP. Xerox Multifunction Xerox official distributors for 10 years, Xerox copiers are distinguished for being pioneers in the industry, offering a range of products applicable for all office needs with excellent quality.