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Expander Evolution

It is therefore important to understand that spiritual intelligence, us access see within our being the great talent Expander consciousness that we are spiritual beings in a human body. For this you must understand that spiritual intelligence is a process that allows the evolution of consciousness of the human being, which is at a level higher than the intelligence of mechanistic instrumental rationality of modernity (hedonism), and multiple intelligences of Postmodernity (nihilism). Since the transmodernity spiritual intelligence is superior to previous ones, for the reason that it is the most integrated helping to catch a glimpse of the come from the evolution of the consciousness of humanity, which awakens the ability be in union with the whole, generating a sense of lived. Speaking of the union with the whole is make mention of holistic education, being this a pop-up field based on many fields of knowledge, which has profound implications for human and planetary evolution. (A valuable related resource: Cradle Systems). This gives rise to two words key education and holistic. The first keyword is education, where every educational institution has a great mission to educate for obtained from each individual best of Yes, because education is the support of the development of every individual, community, society and the planet, since educating humans is appropriate knowledge of the arts, of science, of the cultures, traditions and spirituality, which for many decades have accumulated serving us as a platform in the evolution of societyproviding a sustainable future generations, that allow the permanence in time to our global village that is our planet. The second key word is holistic, which comes from Greek holos meaning whole which refers to a way of understanding reality according to totalities in integrated processes. Which is a human movement which is based on the perennial philosophy, this being the light that shows us the way to the full spiritual realization, blooming heart..