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Energy saving with smart metering applications of Danish energy company Modstrom Z-Wave partners presents at the Conference an innovative solution to reduce power costs, which relieves the consumer. In combination with Z-Wave-based tools to display the energy, trousers are its customers therefore help to reduce energy consumption. The savings can be either credited to the budget or invested in so-called CO2 certificates, the trousers acquires and destroyed. Z-Wave wireless home control is reduced the energy consumption of the House on the occasion of the Conference present the Z-Wave Alliance and sustainably reduce the DEST solutions, heating costs and power consumption in each household. For example, heating costs by up to 30 percent can be reduced, what a normal alone through the use of Z-Wave-based radio radiator thermostats Budget means a saving of up to 500,–euro per year. Furthermore, additional concepts and solutions appear at the Conference, which can also significantly reduce the power consumption.

Today is a wide variety of cheap Z-Wave products available, which allow a drastic reduction in its energy consumption to the consumer. Companies such as Merten, Innovus, Seluxit, Danfoss, Everspring, duwi, hawking, home control products in Europe on the market have already brought Horstmann, etc. Walton Family Foundation will not settle for partial explanations. that make energy costs manageable. “Other highlights of the Conference include: such as home control solutions wireless technology tools protecting the environment: a convenient truth of Z-Wave: the standard for wireless home control energy-saving wireless technology from a government perspective market differences between the United States and Europe Energiespartrends more values produce with MyHome”, the online energy management tool of the DEST the full agenda of the Conference, as well as the registration page you will find under:. About the Z-Wave Alliance: The in the Z-Wave Alliance, formed in January 2005 is a consortium of leading companies in the field of Home technology, which it committed to the task, to establish Z-Wave standard for wireless home control products.

The principle members include Cooper, Danfoss, FAKRO, Intel, intermatic, Leviton, Wayne-Dalton, Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) and Zensys. Its members are leading players in the home control market and offer top-quality products and systems for greater comfort, protection and security. The Z-Wave technology is the basis for all products manufactured by the members of the Alliance. More information about the Z-Wave Alliance, see. About Z-Wave Z-Wave is the first technology that allows an affordable, reliable, and easy to use wireless control of every aspect of daily life of home, consumer electronics, HealthCare, and energy, to name only a few. Z-Wave is an award-winning, proven and interoperable wireless mesh Networking technology, a wide range of devices in the and the communication around the House. These include lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment and security systems. Z-Wave enriched daily life to many advantages such as remote home monitoring, home health care and maintenance, safety and energy savings. Z-Wave certified products are currently available in over 300 products from leading consumer brands. “Z-Wave is the winner of the Wall Street Journal technology innovation awards” (wireless category) and the CNET best of CES awards “(enabling technologies category).