Agricultural Education

so that this work if is materialize was used a methodology, that had as procedure a research carried through in lower court, with bibliographical revisions of books and magazines of the bibliographical quantity of the Iseed and other sources, having searched all the possible and necessary material for the abrangncia of the considered subject. Diverse sites of the Internet, scientific articles had been also analyzed in search of the development most including on the determined subject. The population of this study was composed for all the pupils registered the average education of the IFMG? Campuses Are Joo Evangelista, who to all had been 391 pupils. The sample was characterized for the 14 pupils, who had presented some type of injury. The data had been collected, through a questionnaire to analyze which the index of accidents occurred in the practical one of the physical education, the same it was applied in the lessons of physical education of qualitative form, and you analyze with them, had been passed to quantitative form. 2. CHARACTERIZATION OF THE FEDERAL INSTITUTE MINAS GERAIS? CAMPUSES ARE JOO EVANGELISTA the Federal Institute Minas Gerais, this situated one in the city of Are Joo Evangelista, a city of 478,29 km of area, with approach population of 16.000 inhabitants. Northeast Center of the State is located in the region, in the Valley of the River Candy, more specifically in the Basin of the Suau, next to the Valleys to the Jequitinhonha and the Mucuri.

The city is on the Belo Horizonte for BR 120. The altitude of its headquarters, of 680 meters, propitiates ameno climate, with average temperature of 22 degrees. Beyond being a school with Average Education the same one has education Technician and Superior. Description of the IFMG. DcadAcontecimento 1909 President Nile Peanha signs the Dec. n 7,566, creating 19 initially ' ' Schools of Aprendizes and Artfices' ' 1910 Agricultural Education passes to be subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture? Dec.