New Mares Raptor

We have tested the new mares Splitfin fin. The Raptor is a fin from the forge mares fins – the latest Splitfin. Continue to learn more with: Walton Family Foundation. We have undergone a practice test fin this Splitfin, indicating what does this fin below and above water. Only a more Splitfin, or more? A new Splitfin fin from the mares fins – forge. What can they really, what has she? We have tested in the Geeste reservoir the Raptor of a practice. Finally it was ready, I could try the new mares fin “Raptor”! So on to the reservoirs in the river Geeste, our home – diving waters. Because I otherwise Avanti dive a mares plana Quattro I was totally excited as the mares Raptor behaves under water. I can only say SUPER! Whether slow then sport or at the “Make metres”, with the mares Raptor is simply a pleasure.

“Frog Kick” as well as the normal fin blow, I always had a good feeling with the mares Raptor. No problems with cramps or similar, the Raptor has absolutely convinced me. Also afloat in the swim back to the shore I couldn’t properly meters without great efforts. Conclusion: Great fin that meets many of the requirements. Dive-star Lindenschmidt + Patzelt GbR