The Priestess and perhaps one of arcana harder to qualify, their intentions, their power and their ability to remain hidden by definition. When this letter is revealed in the tarot of love Chuck, you need to be very careful before removing any confusion. Each tarot card has a different meaning, more or less delineated interpretation, with different nuances. But the Priestess seems to have the widest range interpretations because she represents the voice of the unconscious, the cult object, what is not seen but determines all the actions of the individual, and with great impact on the material reality. The magician based his power on the Priestess. She has power to modify and create what you want at will. But the magician is who has the power to control this power, that otherwise arose out of control with catastrophic consequences. It is therefore necessary to understand this balance, to understand what is the synthesis between power and creation, between the masculine and the feminine, and in this way can we begin to unravel some mysteries of the priests.

The image of the Moon seen in the arcane fully represents the strength of the unconscious. Also call attention the two pillars that surround the image of women, one clear and one black. The pillars holding a cloth, a veil. And it is the Priestess that stands between us and what is behind this cloth, hidden. She is the gateway to the two kingdoms that represent the pillars.

The key question is what will be our choice the Priestess tells us the hidden powers within each, and will be one to help us to exercise these powers at the internal level, to enrich us and transform us forever. What say the Priestess Tarot of love? As much as we try to hide or stifle what we feel the voice of the unconscious always will be heard, and if we are not true to our feelings the result can be catastrophic. We must understand that our feelings are a huge motivating force. Denying them is as cover the Sun with a finger. The direct conclusion is that there is something hidden that bid by Exit: a forbidden love, an infidelity. Do you heed this vital force lead us directly to misfortune. The Priestess is a sign of the shadow, what is not seen. But the adage says it: there is nothing hidden which does not know at some point. Original author and source of the article