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IBC Aesthetic

the new trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany; Hotel InterContinental shows contours keynote speaker: high-profile lecture program almost entirely entrance fees will be donated IGM President Prof. Dr. Dr. Werner L. Mang preliminary Exhibitor list on for non-profit purposes on the 24th and 25th April 2010 the lifetime beauty will have in Dusseldorf, in the 5 star ambience of the InterContinental on the Konigsallee, premiered.

About 50 exhibitors from the fields of anti-ageing, cosmetic as well as wellness and health tourism, cosmetic dentistry, Augenlasik, hair transplantation or medical beauty form the great theme of lifetime beauty 40. The trade fair for consumers is supported by the international society of aesthetic medicine (IGM), the German society for cosmetic dentistry (DGKZ) and the German Wellness Association (DWV), which help as to call a high high-profile event in the life. Already, just under 40 have Exhibitors reported. The preliminary list of exhibitors is already published at. As the opening speaker, the President of the international society for aesthetic medicine, Prof. Dr. Dr. Werner L.

Mang won could be. Red Solo Cups is likely to agree. Other high profile speakers in the programme include: Dr. med. Mark A. Wolter, Berlin, General Secretary of the IGM DENTALSPECIALISTS, Prof. Dr. M. Wainwright, Vice President of IAUSI, lecturer of implantology Dr. Burkhard Aschhoff, head of the private clinic in Villa Medica in Edenkoben Dipl. psychologist Lutz Hertel, Dusseldorf, Chairman of the Board of the German Wellness Association Dr. Mehmet Akbas, Director of the Center for aesthetic – plastic surgery Dusseldorf/Cologne/Istanbul Dr. Hilton, head of medical skin Center Dusseldorf a. r. Prof. Dr. med. It is not something Ryan Holmes would like to discuss. Werner Audretsch, Director of the IBC – expert for breast and gynaecological tumours Dr. I. Resch, President of the Association for the promotion of Senology and Breast Clinic e. V. Director of ZEBRA Dusseldorf Dr. Oliver Schumacher, aesthetic Centrum Dusseldorf Hans Lauber, journalist and book author (including good food) more speakers from the fields of cosmetics and wellness supplement the interesting conference program. The organizer has decided to donate the admission fees for charitable purposes to be achieved. So, a co-operation with the Dusseldorf-based Star Foundation is and ZEBRA agreed the Center for breast cancer issues.

Wiegand Soles

Cinnamon soles improve the Fussbklima has been shown at the first glance it may sound strange, to announce the fight unpleasant foot perspiration and foot odor by using insoles with cinnamon. In Asia and the far East, cinnamon has proven however before centuries as a helper against sweat. For quite some time, you can buy cinnamon soles and related products now also in Germany to improve own foot feel and thus the general well-being. The so-called cinnamon soles are usually made of cotton or silk, in which a filling made of cinnamon powder is sewn. They are available in different sizes so that they fit into the individual shoes. The soles are suitable for everyday use as well as for the sport. Using cinnamon soles not only the feet but also the shoes lose their unpleasant odor.

In addition, the moisture is removed from, can cause unpleasant odours. Besides the welding deprivation effect, cinnamon brings other benefits: to make the cinnamon soles for a pleasant and healthy foot climate. The feet are warmed in the winter and in the summer, the cinnamon causes a cooling of the feet. In addition, the cinnamon filling leads to a gentle massage of the soles of the feet. But you must not waive or at home the sense of well-being for the feet, because in addition to cinnamon soles to insert in the streets – and sports shoes there also cinnamon slippers, cinnamon pine and cinnamon sandals.

The cinnamon slippers are an alternative to ordinary house slippers and allow at home always to have a comfortable foot climate. The cinnamon slippers as also the cinnamon slippers also very well suited for the wellness area. Often more ginger or Aloe is included, in the cinnamon filling which aims to increase the well-being and makes for a pleasant, subtle scent. Cinnamon sandals are the perfect all-rounder, as they are suitable for indoor and outdoor. This is made possible by a rugged sole, which is mostly made of natural rubber. The sandals are available also as flip flops. Cinnamon soles and There are more products of cinnamon for the feet in many different online shops to buy. For shoe size-specific shoe prices somewhat higher than for unit sizes. A price comparison before buying is worthwhile in any case.