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About The Town Pula, Istria

Pula Croatia is located on the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula lying In the South of the Istrian peninsula and surrounded by the quiet and clean sea, Pula is the largest port city in Istria. She was the administrative centre of the peninsula already in ancient times. Pula is understand very well connected places in the neighborhood with the cities and since then the highway, which is completed with “Istrian Y (y)”, has an even greater attraction for visitors from all over the world Pula. Cell Plc is often quoted on this topic. The well-equipped hotels not only draw the guests, but also the rich offer of sporting activities, excursions, events, nightclubs, restaurants, etc. ACI Marina with more than 300 berths both in water and on land belonging to the city is very popular with owners of sailing boats and motor yachts.

“In 2003, Pula, got or better said: the world famous Roman amphitheatre of Pula, the arena”, an entry in the Guinness Book of world records. For an event where they had Arena wrapped in a 917m long and 25m wide tie. The earliest inhabitants of Pula were people from the tribe of Histra. Later in the 1st century, the Romans occupied the area and built it, as you can see today still strongly on the architectural and cultural traces that have left them. The powerful arena”is today the most famous proof of the architecture of the Romans. Formerly built for bloody battles between humans and animals, and with a capacity of 23 000 spectators, concerts and theater performances take place here today. Due to the partial destruction in the course of the centuries, she has only 5,000 spectators.

The Slovenes in the area came in the 7th century and from the year 1150 Pula was for several centuries under Venetian rule. Between the 14th and 16th centuries, the town was partially destroyed by numerous wars and diseases. The situation changed dramatically, however, after the Kingdom of Austria-Hungary had received the power over the area. Now, Pula became a metropolis of this empire. The Population increased within just 50 years from 1.126 to 40 000 persons. Today, Pula is a very cosmopolitan city, it can be said one of the multicultural cities in Croatia. The historical development meant that people from many countries settled, their languages and architecture influenced the culture and the image of the city. Today walking through the streets of the beautiful city, you hear Italian, English, German and other languages in addition to Croatian. Pula proudly preserves the memories and traces of many famous guests, such as that of the famous Irish writer James Joyce and the physician and microbiologist Robert Koch. Interesting exhibitions take place in the museums and galleries of the city, which are the best indicator for its rich cultural heritage. If you really want to get a proper impression of Pula, you should plan at least three days for a stay. ubernachtungs-, there are opportunities in Pula or Medulin what is only a few km away. Before It is especially in the summer months a rich cultural program in Pula, whose highlights include the famous film festival.