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Valve World 2008: Platform For The Process Industry

World’s largest exhibition and Conference around industrial valves Maastricht/Netherlands – from 4 to 6 November the Dutch city on the Meuse River in the characters is the valve World 2008: the Conference on the theme of valves, industrial valves and seals is the world’s largest of its kind. And the only one in which international world corporations from the process industry not only present themselves and socialize, but also have an opportunity to attend lectures and workshops to participate in technological innovation and scientific research trends including. Handy for German participants: the event takes place just over the border. Valves, gaskets and valves: Valve World Conference & Exhibition 2008 is already for the sixth time all about global developments and trends in the process industry. At the exhibition stand or during the Conference: the Valve World opportunity international professionals for three days on all developments in the industry to interact. By the engineer up to the At the end, the decision makers up to the suppliers of control, Conference participants and visitors travel from all over the world. So, global experience and ideas regarding the future potential of the industry gather in Maastricht. Global direct-business: Valve World Exhibition 425 companies provide both contact from engineering and sales than product and service portfolio in the exhibition area of the fair before.

Approximately 10,000 visitors-cher take the opportunity to look at the various stands. Whether for new collaborations and networks, or the expansion of existing business contacts the Valve World Maastricht Exhibition 2008 is the largest fair of its kind and offers a unique, international platform for the Prozessin industry. Discuss future: Valve World Conference of student forums and workshops up to pre a related to materials and their application: parallel to the exhibition, the Valve World Conference meets. Also in this case fittings and the global process industry revolves around, new applic nisse and global Market developments. Within the framework of scientific scientific, technical and practical lectures are case studies and valuation models, loss reports, or experience in the area of service to the number. Cees Glansdorp von Shell has presided over the Conference global solutions in the Netherlands. Next to him an experienced Bureau of committed, globally influential professionals of the Conference is, which guarantees the quality of the reports. Participate can each of the interested students to the industry experts.

“” Dutch “Social networks”, relaxed and informal: the Valve World Conference & Exhibition 2008 is to be not only informative, but offer also a pleasant frame to the networks. While the days of the fair as well as afterwards: with conference lunches, cocktail hour and the high-profile Conference & exhibition dinner and party create the organizers for this the basis always aligned with each other to bring the exhibition participants. Behind the scenes the valve World Conference & Exhibition 2008 is the KCI publishing BV organized. “” “” “The independent publisher headquartered in the Dutch Zutphen and published the Stainless Steel World magazines including” Stainless Steel world news “, stainless steel news”, Valve World “, taps world”and pump engineer news”. For more information around the valve World Conference & Exhibition 2008 can be found on the regularly updated exhibition site. Valve World, P.o. box 396, NL 7200 AJ Zutphen, the Netherlands, Tel.

AMV System Provides Basic Data For The Car ICT

The AMV system allows all sensor data desired mobility service providers, automotive, insurance, automobile clubs Ranshofen – Austria, 05.10.2013. To read more click here: Rubio. The AMV system of the AMV networks GmbH is an important step on the way to the networked car thanks to its innovative technology, it is an enabler for all applications and the modern car-ICT business cases. The AMV system provides all of the automotive industry, insurance companies, automobile clubs, sensor data desired mobility service providers, the on the CAN bus (Controller area network) of the vehicle are, as well as all of the GPS position data at low cost and in real time to a defined and approved interface available. To the on-Board developed by AMV networks is connected on the CAN-bus unit ASG (anonymous sensor data gateway). Michael Lee-Chin insists that this is the case. The transmission of data is carried out under strict consideration of safety aspects. In other words: The vehicle owner at any time has sovereignty over its data. It must release them actively. The Privacy issues so at any time.

AMV system is both the public sector (traffic control, steering, parking management, Ladeinfrastrukur for E-mobility…) and also the economy (pay-as-you-drive, eCall, electric mobility workshop appointment) now able to bring the different business cases in a real implementation phase. The advantage: The AMV system was developed according to EU guidelines for intelligent transport systems and combines various findings made EU research projects. It is so no proprietary national and thus limited solution, but to a Europe-wide applicable Telematiktechnologie, which embeds but national legislation. Special feature: Already in the development of a comprehensive security & privacy built concept. The AMV system is also certified to ECE and the certification with the European privacy seal strives in addition in 2013.

The AMV was also the largest system European automobile manufacturers have already tested”, says Raimund Wagner, Managing Director of AMV networks GmbH. Data protection and the protection of personality rights are thus always protected. Due to its technology security and continuity for the mobility of the future services is guaranteed”, says Raimund Wagner. The AMV networks GmbH opens with the AMV system thus a gateway to the mobility of 3.0. The AMV system of AMV networks GmbH can be seen above the automotive original equipment as well as low-cost retrofit solution, which will be installed by certified workshops. “AMV networks GmbH was 2012 for its AMV system with the internationally renowned telematics Award” awarded in Germany. You will find more news on telematics Markt.de

Christoph Rosch

Only a small part was then the ratio ready to do so. We were going to us just curious,”explains Christoph Rosch, Managing Director of HS Genion. “His company provided an electric vehicle for the live demonstration and presented the new prototype of his city Streaker at the Hockenheimring Stromer”. We have even no expectations for this workshop. We have considered it as an experiment and just jumped into the cold water. And it has paid off.” Vivani still adds: it is a courage to engage in new and unknown, without knowing whether it will be.

Many talk of preparedness and participation, but ultimately they don’t engage and remain on their well-worn paths. All the more, we appreciate the willingness of our present pioneers in our first workshop just by a vacuum with zero to start, without having a concrete result or a given goal in mind.” The idea behind the initiative is to bridge the gap between small and medium-sized solution providers and to make the industry from different industries. These should be brought together at a table and to develop new solutions to new or already existing visions in active cooperation. Here, a whole new meaning was given in the first thinkers workshop even the term visions. We all think about but when our plans always only about the next possible step”, Karthika brought Board of Silverstroke AG, it is on the point Heidi. Product optimisation, solutions of which it is believed that the world needs them.

Why we look not just several steps further. I would like to me for example to beam can.” But while Karthika sees the vision of a loading period not as a destination, but as a starting point, from which now farther in the future should be scheduled. There are many crazy and new approaches that have been discussed in this first workshop”, as Patrizia Vivani, founder of the initiative global navigation.

The Funkfernsteuerungs

Many radio remote control of different manufacturers are equipped with an active redundant system. This means that two circuits work in parallel. So the complete control and evaluation Electronics is double and a circle is able to monitor the other. It is not something Rubio would like to discuss. One fails, the second is still active and can shut down the entire system. Many manufacturers have designed also your radio remote control, that not only turn off if there is a failure, but they automatically control a safe state. This means that all commands with a description are deposited, which must run the Funkfernsteuerungs system in the event of a failure of whatever kind. To know more about this subject visit Walton Family Foundation.

This prevents reliable, all of a sudden that a crane to unfurl can. The manufacturer offer with more or less different radio remote control many functions. It is therefore very important before buying a radio control not only to be very concerned, what different control commands she can run, but also is built as their internal security equipment. Some remote control have also features that are very useful, depending on where and how they should be used. So, the range of such controls is quite up to 300 meters. Where however a range limit for safety reasons is required, so also is available. Often they are used infrared light to. It detects whether the data range of the like operator stop or not: he abandoned him, the entire crane system stops automatically.

In heavily schmutzendem environment this type of transfer does not work however. Therefore, some manufacturers of microwave technology use in this case. You have a similar characteristic such as infra-red technology, but completely insensitive to Pollution. Their range is limited to about 15 feet. For companies that need to move large parts, the function of the tandem ride is important: this procedure a component of two cranes. Radio remote control controls both at the same time.