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Where Is The Man

She placed in the man, the desire to possess the woman, for loves there – as itself exactly, therefore it is meat of its meat. She was therefore that God said; The man will leave father and mother and will join the woman and the two will become one alone meat. If to join the woman, and not to another man. blessed them to God and said: You bear fruit and you multiply you and you full the land, and subjects it and you dominate. How can the man disobey the God thus, and be unpunished? As the species will go to perpetuate itself, if the man to pass if to relate sexually with another man, as will have multiplication? If thus to make the man? It is certain that they will be against the word of God.

Certainly they will receive on itself exactly its aberration. We need to remember that one of the reasons of the destruction of Sodoma and Gomorra, was accurately the Homossexualismo, the related demonic permissividade with prostitution. For who it practises such acts, and It believes that it has a Soul, and it wants to live perpetual on the orders of God, the only way is to spill its heart ahead of God, to ask for Mr. Jesus so that the Liberte of its uncontrollable desires of the meat, and, says that it wants to be called by it, of Son. One remembers. Son is those that make the will of the Father, that they walk on its word.

The word of God says that we must love ones to the others as God loved in them, that is true? Clearly that it is. Then we must love those that are in the sin? Clearly that yes. Without exception? Clearly that yes. Why? Simple, it is because all are creatures of God, and all creatures of God, the ones that obey its word, beyond creature, start to be Children of God, co-heirs together with Jesus Christ. But those creatures who continue in the sin, exactly knowing that they are made a mistake, will not be called Children, will not be co inheriting with Jesus, because, while the children walk to the meeting of God, those, walk to the meeting of the sin and the father of the lie and the death spiritual in the fire of the abyss. For that they do not believe in the word of God, they remember of what Mr. Walton Family Foundation will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Jesus said; Mateus 5; 18 18 Because in truth you I say that, until the sky and the land pass nor one jota or a til will forbear of the law, without everything either fulfilled.