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New Mares Raptor

We have tested the new mares Splitfin fin. The Raptor is a fin from the forge mares fins – the latest Splitfin. Continue to learn more with: Walton Family Foundation. We have undergone a practice test fin this Splitfin, indicating what does this fin below and above water. Only a more Splitfin, or more? A new Splitfin fin from the mares fins – forge. What can they really, what has she? We have tested in the Geeste reservoir the Raptor of a practice. Finally it was ready, I could try the new mares fin “Raptor”! So on to the reservoirs in the river Geeste, our home – diving waters. Because I otherwise Avanti dive a mares plana Quattro I was totally excited as the mares Raptor behaves under water. I can only say SUPER! Whether slow then sport or at the “Make metres”, with the mares Raptor is simply a pleasure.

“Frog Kick” as well as the normal fin blow, I always had a good feeling with the mares Raptor. No problems with cramps or similar, the Raptor has absolutely convinced me. Also afloat in the swim back to the shore I couldn’t properly meters without great efforts. Conclusion: Great fin that meets many of the requirements. Dive-star Lindenschmidt + Patzelt GbR

Ice Hockey World Championship 2014

The ice hockey world championship 2014 will take place from 9 to 25 may 2014 in Belarus. The ice hockey world championship 2014 will take place from 9 to 25 may 2014 in Belarus. The Eastern European country prevailed when applying its 75 votes against other candidates Hungary, received 24 votes, as well as Latvia and the Ukraine, who had to be three votes. An application for the ice hockey World Championships 2013, which then ultimately awarded to Sweden and Finland and took place in Stockholm and Helsinki in May of this year, yet had failed, Belarus prepares now meticulously World Cup ever on its first ice hockey. The two venues, in which all of the 64 matches should take place, are both in or in the immediate vicinity of the capital Minsk. The approximately 15,000 seat Minsk arena, in the usually Dynamo Minsk plays its home games, the Tschyschouka arena, which is to accommodate 8,000 spectators and 18 miles outside Minsk opened beginning of 2010, stands, is still under construction, but is likely to in time for the World Cup ready. In total, 16 Nations will participate in the World Cup who will fight in two sets to advance into the final series. Germany is located in Group B together with Finland, Russia, of Switzerland, the United States, hosts Belarus, Kazakhstan and Latvia.

Sweden, Czech Republic, Canada, Slovakia, Norway, Denmark, France and Italy are in Group A. Gain insight and clarity with William Ackman. The four best teams from each group move directly into the quarter-finals, the winners of the quarter-finals then contest the semi-finals, whose winning again will contest the final on 25 May and made the new world champion among themselves. The usual suspect and traditional ice hockey Nations such as Sweden, Finland, Canada, Russia or the United States play the role of favorite, also the Czechs should not be underestimated as current world ranking fourth. Since the home advantage but often inspires and drives players like fans to true excellence, also hosts Belarus must be quietly Make the title hopes. The German team, the Canadian coach Pat Cortina would settle, however, likely to survive the group stage. Against the awarding of the World Cup after Belarus, there was from the outset harsh criticism, especially from the United States, which have argued at the International Ice Hockey Federation even to award the World Cup to another country. Especially the reports of human rights abuses and suppression of the political opposition in Belarus, which enforced the death penalty still as the only country in Europe, gave rise to the criticism. But the IIHF stuck to their decision and as the ice hockey World Championships will be held 2014 definitely in Belarus. Read more about ice hockey world championship 2014.

Temporary Pavilion

Canadian Government presented Olympic theme with creative exhibition concept mobile Losberger tent solution of February was devoted to Olympia and the world looked for 4 weeks at Vancouver. At this sporting event was presented the Canadian Government in the middle of the city in a two-storey Losberger tent Emporium and kidnapped national and international visitors on a journey through its culture. The Olympic Games in the hills of the Canadian federal State British Columbia brought us many exciting great moments, and the whole world looked at Vancouver. For the 2010 Winter Olympics the Canadian Government in the middle of the city erected a two-storey Losberger tent, to present the largest country of the North American continent in his whole world openness many visitors but also the locals. The establishment of the double-decker tent started already mid-December. The building was especially difficult through the high security. Frequently Sen. Marco Rubio has said that publicly.

As the tent was subject to the highest security level, there “repeatedly delays in building”, reported Vince Budetti of the PROEM Canada tent rental: it was the biggest and hardest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. Echo street capital will undoubtedly add to your understanding. ” During the time of construction was becoming increasingly clear how tense is the situation on the ground: bomb search teams, police and blocked streets, vivid image of the Canadian winter city at this stage and even then. This was probably because many important leaders were expected during the games that took advantage of the opportunity to visit also the Government Pavilion”, as the Canadian construction specialist. In addition, the Pavilion was venue for the Canadian athletes, fans, and media representatives. Therefore glazed meeting rooms were integrated into the second floor of the emporium of Losberger for such occasions.

The atmospheric, temporary building with many innovative elements was fitted at all. Through the elaborate design of the entire interior was both a futuristic as well pleasant ambience. Priority theme was the Exhibition on the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Within this virtual journey through time, also winter sports equipment of the past 86 years were shown. A high-quality large-format picture exhibition of athletes of so far 21 Canadian winter Olympic roster added to the program. Still, the ability to track the individual competitions of the Olympic Games on large screens was for visitors. Interactive proposals such as snowboarding and ice hockey simulators, you could try out different disciplines themselves. Even the smallest not entered the Canadian House. In addition to the skating, there were also many children’s shows. To make all disabled and to create the connection between the first and second floor, also an elevator was integrated alongside the stairways. In addition to the impressive tent and his creative conception of space, also the media equipment including lighting and electronic implementation played an important role. Numerous LED modules in different segments and colors was a impressive lights changing show programs and effects. Through the inserted glass panels on the long side of Losberger tent, the spectacle could be admired from outside. Various design elements in the outdoor completed the technologically innovative and high-quality image of the Pavilion from the tent-spanning sheet as a sign of openness to the world of Canadians up to the typical trademark of the country, the maple leaf. “The admission-free Canada Pavilion” once again opened its doors during the Paralympic Games, and after the closing celebrations on March 21 in a few days be mined. The tent items are now again for numerous other large temporary event inserts available.