The Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Madrid in compliance with this agreement we have decided to hold an information event at the Ateneo de Madrid, C / Prado n 21, the 24th at 19 h, which give comprehensive information of the work developed and achievements in the districts and villages of Madrid with our struggle. In Spain, mobile phone antennas emit well above those recommended by independent national and international scientists, who for years have been warning about the potential effects on population health. The European Parliament has just issued a resolution (2 April 2009) recommending to amend the laws and powers down the emission of the antennas at 0.6 V / m. In Spain, the current law allows up to 61 V / m. The government appears reluctant to carry out this recommendation as they have done in some cities such as Lichtenstein and continue talking on the phones without any problem which confirms that supports this service without damaging our health. Moreover the European Parliament recognizes the role of neighborhood associations in this struggle that resolution recommending the search for solutions in dialogue form between facilities, public institutions and neighborhood movements. Josyann Abisaab The electro sensitivity is another issue which recommended the resolution, calling on public authorities to depth investigation of the causes of this disease, as recognized by Sweden as a disability. We appeal to all neighborhood associations to make this day a day of struggle against electromagnetic pollution all initiatives put in marha information. Withdrawal and mobilization consider in the days before this date by calling the neighbors to participate in the main event of the 24th at the Ateneo de Madrid.