Mallorca Tourism

Around 1800 began the Sommerfrischetourismus the Mallorcan middle class. Until then, spent only the nobility and upper middle class landbesitztendes the summer months outside the city. 1838/39 George Sand and Frederic Chopin lived on a finca Majorca. Otherwise, there were very few visitors to the island. Archduke Salvator was the first time since 1867, Mallorca. Later, he acquired extensive land holdings, and spent until 1913, two years before his death, a large part of his life here. 1872 the first house was built in Arenal, a small settlement was established, and it was believed “to bathe only foreigners, poor people and dogs in the sea”. In 1875 the railway line was opened between Palma and Inca. 1887 originated in a short time, 343 homes in El Terreno, the favorite holiday resort of the people of Palma. By 1900, the number of foreign holiday-makers increased. Above all, British pensioners, which was the Riviera has become too expensive, came to the island. In 1903, the Gran Hotel in Palma was inaugurated. In 1912, the Palma-Soller railway line was opened. ManyForeigners rented or bought villas in Mallorca in Palma’s suburb of El Terreno, and the Spanish writer Llonenc Villalonga remarked: “Strange people, painters and tourists, women who smoke, even swim in the winter … .. From 1920, many foreigners increasingly chose the island to the age retreat. It published two weekly newspapers in English, two in German and in French. Customer numbers increased, and there came the first winter vacationers. The Hotel Formentor in Pollenca was fertigestellt 1929th The launch was announced with huge letters on the Eiffel Tower. It was for a long time meeting place of high society: Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and many other celebrities stayed in the noble hotel. In 1930, Palma de Mallorca counted 3200 guest beds, 15000, and 20000 short-term tourists. In 1932 the artists’ colony in Cala d’Or was founded. The first-term plan (tourism) settlement on Mallorca with 150 houses in the cube farm style of Ibiza, home to Bohemians and artists. As early as 1935 the island waspopular destination for private yachts and cruise ships. With them 50,000 to 40,000 visitors come to stay tourists. In the Civil War (1936 to 1939) the number of visitors declined. In 1940, only 7000 passengers were registered at the airport of Mallorca. The Frankfurt airport is one of the same year, 200000 passengers. The painter Joan Miro visited the island and later settled here. 1950 again 84,000 tourists came to the Balearic island and it was built the first hotel in El Arenal. It began a new phase of tourism: no longer winter holidays, but the development of seaside tourism in the summer. The airport of Mallorca produced in 1962 for the first time more than one million people off. 25,315 aircraft movements were also a record. You can’t beat the taste, you can’t beat the prices. Tourism was booming. Mallorca soon became famous as a second home. Sizes from politics and business, and let down by film and theater on the island. As early as 1970 1.8 million holidaymakers per day on the island. In 1980 there were 3.5 million and in 1994 the 5 million limit was exceeded.End of the 90ies was the concept of mass tourism questioned and a move called for quality tourism. A continuous growth in visitor numbers has now been rejected as a threat to nature and as a negative influence on the living conditions of the population.