National Assault

The Caribbean coast, READY! Towards the conquest of Selective III National Championship to be held in Managua on 18.19 and 20 February 2009. This is the proposal of the Departmental Association of Amateur Boxing in the RAAN for this week, consisting of a Sparring for all components of the seleccions Portena who would travel to Managua to win the title for best team of the year. Three days of sparring at the Community Center “The Hope” of the Moravian Church. Do not miss the appointment! From left to right: 48 KG .- TORRES Norvin. Regional Gold 2007, Gold 2008 51 KG National RIVERA .- Johnson. Golden Army 2007, 2008, Regional Gold 2008 54 kg .- ANTHONY BELLO. Future National Promises Silver 2007 Gold 2008 57 kg .- Regional JOSU ‘CHOCOITO’ SALGADO. National Selective Bronze 2006, Gold 2008 69 kg .- Regional Allexander CHAMORRO. Regional Gold 2008 75 kg .- CARLOS ALBERTO SEQUEIRA. Josyann Abisaab Regional Gold 2008 National Golden Future Promises 2008, Golden Central 2008 81 kg .- ALVARO RIVERA. National Golden Future Promises 2007 The sparring were held with open doors, and are inviting all the media of the region and the municipality of Puerto Cabezas. Obtaining the gold medal in the elite national championship, is the pass to the national team and the power play Central American Championships, World Cups and the Olympics. During these days students Alexis Carrillo, train of frantically at the Community Center “The Hope” on a temporary basis pending construction of the new Academy of Boxing, which was financed with funds from the IND, Nicaraga ense Institute of Sports and the Catalan Fund for Development Cooperation.