1 FC Germany E.V.

The Association for the promotion and support… \”Promotion of music culture: by working closely with NeverGiveUp records music label\” the talent search in the area is strongly promoted the Federal Republic of Germany. Whenever ProPharma Group listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Networks are created by pages of the club where you can imagine the artist of the German-speaking area, present their events and latest productions. The 1 FC Germany has contacts with various companies, cultural offices and entertainment industry companies, used to bring the various projects of the Association forward. The 1 FC Germany starts session (project from the Cologne area, to encouraging talented basketball players from Germany and abroad) in collaboration with the team of Jon’s various events, which are dedicated to the promotion of young people. These events will allow young people and others, their skillz\”prove to be. A highlight in the context of these events should be direct talent shows by the artists Agency \”Black secret entertainment\” be promoted. \”The Club of the 1st FC Germany history of hip hop is workshops on the topics\”, dancing\”songwriting and graffiti\” offered in youth centres, schools, and homes. \”\” Subject example in the workshop songwriting \”and hip hop\”: what is the project of 1 FC Germany? What is freestyle? What is dance freestyle? What is hip hop freestyle? How is the hip hop emerged and which 4 topics does it involve? What is songwriting? How’s that? Everyone has this talent? How is a verse? Each workshop participant to write your own text, where personal issues will be processed. \”Workshop participants can take the resulting product together with us in a Studio and this project as a kind of letter\” parents share (promote communication) – parents should perceive the problems of their children and see their child’s talent and promote – talented young people will have the chance to demonstrate their skills and get in cooperation with the Independent music label NGU records allowing newcomer artists together on stage and to work together on productions.

Monument Real Estate

Prime Estate GmbH – investment Berlin, February 19, 2009 – the Prime Estate GmbH is your professional partner, if you are interested in buying a property in particular for the purchase of a heritage property. Here, consult experts who advise you professionally and comprehensively and you care both before and after the purchase in all aspects of the real estate. Buying a property is a far-reaching decision should be well thought out. Just for monument real estate different points must be, observed that you as the owner actually fully be able can benefit from State subsidies, the tax benefits and a high yield. It is therefore advisable to tackle the real estate purchase with an expert as the Prime Estate GmbH, technical support to learn and to make the right decision. The Prime Estate GmbH is more than just a mediator of real estate: Here you are supported from the outset professionally.

The offered an all-inclusive package”contains an individual data analysis, first which estimate the personal possibilities and accurately calculate the tax advantage in individual cases can be. Real estate buyers can imagine objects supported by professional consultants and visit it together. In addition an information and consultation can take place with the company’s real estate experts, to clarify open questions. Fell the decision to buy a property, get a comprehensive information about the contractual guarantees, as well as a notarially drawn up contract of Prime Estate GmbH. Financing for your real estate is the Prime Estate GmbH to the page: support in the selection of appropriate financial institutions and also helps you to submit all necessary documentation to the competent tax office. The Prime Estate GmbH is an established company in the field of monument protection real estate benefit also from the years of experience of employees and the comprehensive and transparent service. To more To obtain information, a look at the new Firmenblog is is recommended. Here you will find up-to-date news as well as expert contributions and comments on the real estate market and investments in General, as well as interesting reports about monument real estate in particular.

Detailed information about the Prime Estate GmbH Denkmalinvest: sample invoice for the purchase of a monument real estate Firmenblog: Prime estate blog Prime Estate GmbH Andreas Schrobback Ha Road 67 14193 Berlin FON: 030 / 46 99 22 00 fax: 030 / 46 99 23 00 info at prime-estate.de Prime Estate GmbH has since its founding many objects successfully placed on the market. The success concept is based on the strict criteria for selection of the contractor and an absolute transparency towards the customer. The Prime Estate GmbH works exclusively with property developers, which is at least 10 years are successful on the market, all previous objects realized (rented) and sold a picture and film documentation of the rehabilitation phase have, for each project present. Combined with the serious handling of all necessary steps and comprehensive service for buyers and owners won a large number of satisfied customers. The purchase of a property should be well-planned there should leave nothing to chance. Therefore none of the personal contact because only in a personal conversation we can ensure an optimal advice.

Moral Champion

Edson Silva For the chronicle of today, we choose a game of 11 of June of 1978 where Brazil made lean 1×0 in Austria. Game of Brazil in Pantries was 48 and pra to say the truth, the departure nothing would have of special, was not the fact of being the third game of our Election in that world-wide one and the others two had been tie up to, 1×1 with Sweden and 0x0 with Spain. The dispute was in Argentina, under intense cold, the Brazilian technician was deceased captain Claude Coutinho, full of theories and inventions and that it would finish that world-wide one in third place, without losing a game at least, but tying up to as much and making few gols. You may want to visit ProPharma Group to increase your knowledge. Brazil would be with the unusual and not official heading of ‘ ‘ Moral’ champion; ‘ , still more after not having IDO for the final game, therefore he had arrumao so that our Election played before Argentina, that made its departure knowing how many gols would need to make to have balance necessary and to play the decision. From then on all know history, the adversary of ‘ ‘ hermanos’ ‘ it was the Peru, that had the goleiro Quiroga (Argentine naturalized), that gols of Argentina took 6 and made its part for the native land, that was given credit, renegada.

But coming back to the game subject of the chronicle, even so 1×0, victory are victory, still more being the first one in plus an edition of Pantries. The goal was marked by the artilleryman Robert Dynamite, to the 40 minutes, player who made success in the Vasco of Gamma (RIO DE JANEIRO). The departure against Austria was in Mar del Plata, with 35.211 expectadores and the judge was the Frenchman Robert Wurtz. Brazil played with Lion, Toninho, Oscar, Amaral, Rodrigues Grandson, Baptist, Cerezo (Chico 71), Jorge Mendona (Zico 84), Gil, Robert Dinamite and Dirceu. Austria had Koncilla, Obermayer, Sara, Pezzey, Breitenberger, Hickersberger (Weber 61), Prohaska, Jara, Krieger (Happich 84), Kreuz and Kranki, the technician was Senekowitsch. The year was 1978 and our Brazilian Election tricampe of the world of 70 searched tetra, but it would only come exactly much later, in 1994, in the United States, the history made for the category of baixinho Romrio, talent of the Bebeto and the race of then the projecting Dunga. has history of Pantries there? People count pr who people divide with all gotten passionate twisted Brazilian..

Awnings For Caravans For Permanent Campers

Awnings for permanent campers have usually other conditions to meet, as such, which are mined again and again. To install an awning set is an ideal extension to caravans for permanent campers and protects the design of permanent camping. Depending on the size, awnings can offer space for smaller and larger families. Awnings for permanent campers should be braced firmly so that no adverse weather conditions can affect the awning. To broaden your perception, visit Gallo Family. To protect the tent, it is quite, with straps in addition to stake out there. The straps can be pilloried over the tent and are anchored on both sides firmly in the ground. For Caravan and awning protection, there are sheds, which uniformly cover Caravan and awning and protect it from weather in the trade.

It is usually lamellar spacer fitted between the tent, or the roof of the Caravan and the actual canopy. Awnings for permanent campers again always that usually have to meet other conditions, as such, be dismantled. They must withstand summer and winter temperatures often over the years, may be non-porous and permeable so and should be immune to wind of any strength. There are tents in different versions. Due to the distance between before tent / caravan roof and the canopy creates an air cushion that heat insulating effect. To the combination of tent and caravan, namely to protect the piping Strip, it is important that the canopy is consistently attached Caravan and awning. This shelter can be over the whole surface of the Caravan and the pull of the awning and must be firmly anchored to the ground. Among other things it is advisable to build a solid floor under the awning.

Preferably, an elevated wooden floor should be attached, because under this bubble between soil and soil when the weather permits no moisture can accumulate. On this floor you can put on specially designed plastic rugs or mats for awnings. To all zips of your awning against To protect weather, there is special care sprays. Overall, it is important to clean the whole awning and canopy at least once a year and maintain.

Successful Aiticon Event

In November, the aiticon GmbH invited customers and interested parties to a meeting on the theme idea of the event was the exchange of experience of online editors with each other, as well as the idea of open text Web solutions 10 by the Managing Director of aiticon GmbH, Matthias Herlitzius. The latest version of WCMS suite enables a significantly faster content maintenance online editors. How important, efficiency in the online editorial staff is actually, made it clear the Alnatura project manager Dominic Menzler users report. Finally, more and more content must be maintained and updated. By steadily increasing requirements, is worth a look at the further development of the seamless integration of Web site maintenance in editorial everyday, such as Oliver Magnus, head of competence center portal of CubeServ GmbH, illustrated. Web solutions suite Herlitzius presented the current open text. The newly developed nursing surface of the content management system allows a much more efficient and more comfortable work.

Access to many functions with significantly less Clicks and individually configurable working environment quickly impressed the audience. Herlitzius demonstrated many new features. Among other things he introduced the advanced search, simplified navigation pane, the Telerik text editor and the Clipboard now also for editors. The resulting questions from everyday work the audience expanded the lecture to an exciting exchange of experience. The lecture given by Magnus was followed by a lunch with many stimulating conversations.

He presented together with aiticon GmbH-realized integration of SAP NetWeaver Portal and open text Web solutions 10. Magnus demonstrated vividly how personalized information with Web solutions 10 in the SAP NetWeaver Portal under an application (single sign on) can be merged. /’>Breast Cancer Action on most websites. Furthermore, he showed that the appearance of SAP can be adapted to your company’s corporate design NetWeaver Portal. All applications available, for which a permission is available the user after one-time registration in the portal environment. For intranet content can the editor with a single click from any page, click the appropriate page in editing mode jump to comfortably edit. The event was rounded off by the success story of Menzler. He granted the participants insight into online communications at Alnatura and editorial use of open text Web solutions in the day-to-day business. His conclusion: the efficiency of site maintenance to the triple has risen since the relaunch of the website by aiticon GmbH. The plug-ins developed specially by aiticon, which combine user friendly technical processes and automate be not least responsible. Herlitzius also made reference to the PlugIns as he again took the floor and emphasised that Alnatura is a reference project for the successful increase of efficiency in the online newsroom. All participants evaluated the practice report as profitable. Questions like “Are we working contemporary?”, “How the others do it?” often arise, opportunities for exchanging sound arise only when Events such as this. The consistently positive feedback on our open text Sales Manager Timo Wolters called it “successful and always positive type of event”, encouraged to continue making us events of its kind. Company profile: aiticon GmbH, the IT service provider and RedDot premium partners was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. Aiticon designed, implements and operates complex Web projects and applications. Expertise in the development of high-quality solutions proved aiticon in numerous complex projects pharmaceuticals and URSA insulation for customers like Alnatura, Deutsches Reiseburo, Elster group, Merz. Since founding aiticon RedDot partner, specialized in the products of open text Web Solutions Group. aiticon GmbH, Solms road 41 60486 Frankfurt/Main

Coastal Winds Storms

The storms will be less likely in the West of the Peninsula. The winds will be strong in the Andalusian coast and Canary Islands. Temperatures are experienced a decrease in light to moderate. A total of 34 provinces are on yellow alert (risk) by coastal winds, storms and rains that leave a build-up of up to 40 litres per square meter (l/m2) in an hour, according to the prediction of the Agencia Estatal de Meteorologia (Aemet). Specifically, Almeria is in alert for coastal winds; Cantabria, the three Basque provinces, Burgos, Soria and Mallorca are placed on alert by rains; Valencia and Murcia are by storms; and the three Aragonese provinces, Madrid, Castile – La Mancha, Catalonia, Extremadura, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Jaen and Malaga are Navarra, La Rioja, by rain and storms. This way, will be weak showers to moderate in the Eastern Cantabrian, Northeast quadrant, zone Center and the Balearic Islands.

These rains will be occasionally strong and they will be accompanied by storms, which, moreover, can be persistent across points of the Sistema Iberico. More weakly, precipitation can occur in any other point of the Peninsula, Ceuta and Melilla, although they will be less likely to the West, where will begin to transmit from the afternoon. In the Canary Islands, there is likelihood of weak rainfall in the North of the islands of greater importance and little cloudy skies elsewhere. Morning fog banks in Galicia will also be formed. On the other hand, the winds blow in loose to moderate from the North and West in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, with strong Andalusian coast and Canary Islands intervals. Finally, the temperatures will experience a decline that will flicker of light to moderate, except in the Mediterranean area and in the Canary Islands, areas where the thermometers shall be maintained without significant changes. Source of the news: A total of 34 provinces are on alert by coastal winds, storms and rain

Italian Prime Minister

Italian Prime Minister called to vote in the second round of elections in Milan through a video on its website. His party was defeated in the first, so the Cavaliere has turned. The Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has assured Monday that Milan can not pass to be an Islamic City, a camp of Gypsies, full of Romanians and under siege by foreigners to which the left has given them also the right to vote, in a video clip released on the website of his party, people of freedom. Hear other arguments on the topic with Eric Corey Freed. Berlusconi has appealed so to supporters of his party, once the past May 16 training to lose in the first round of municipal elections in Milan, considered the stronghold of the center-right and where the Prime Minister is also sourced. Further details can be found at Central Romana, an internet resource. Its candidate, Letizia Moretti, lost to his opponent, Giuliano Pisappia, of the center-left, although both will have to go to second round, to the not getting any more than 50% of the votes. The second round is It will hold the next 29 and 30 May. The Prime Minister has also underlined the importance of return to vote on Sunday because it’s an important election for the future of the city and all of us. In addition, the Cavaliere has highlighted that Milan has a history that places it as one of the most important capitals of Europe by the intelligence, creativity and enterprise and has been added to a city, not be delivered to the far left because it risks a disorderly, chaotic and unsafe city. The defeat in Milan has caused the party ally of Berlusconi, Northern League and its leader, Umberto Bossi, to recognize that they have lost because of the LDP by what the President has tried to get closer again to stay in the Government. Therefore, the premier has proposed to send some departments of the Executive to the city of Milan, although Bossi has ensured that it is some ministries, thus causing the anger of some members the PDL party, as the Mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, or the President of the province of Lazio, Renata Polverini, which have asked to meet with the premier to assess the situation.

Pearl Berlin

Escort Berlin offers a comfortable, educated travel companion for short – haul and long-haul travel enjoy you leisure in sunshine and cloudless skies. A dream come true for anyone who wants to spend a holiday in society of an educated and attractive young lady from the trip escort Berlin. You begin your journey in Marina di massa, the Pearl of the Italian Mediterranean coast. The sea in front of you and the snow-covered peaks in the back – a fantastic landscape. Afterwards, enjoy a stay at Carrara with your companion. Connect with other leaders such as Walton Family Foundation here. Traditional restaurants and the legendary marble quarries shape the image of the small city, whose flair makes your journey as well remembered, such as the presence of the woman of your dreams escort service Berlin. On the following day, a ride through the wonderfully curved hills of Tuscany, is over on cypress-lined small farms and country houses.

Here the Tuscany is a post card Idyll so original and typical. Your goal is the field of miracles Pisa with its piazza dei miracoli. It is here breathtaking ensemble from the Cathedral, the baptistery and the leaning tower architectural history from the 11th to the 14th century. Travel after a rushing party night against a historic backdrop to Siena, where you have the opportunity, together with your companion to travel in escort Berlin, together to enjoy the views from the torre del mangia on the piazza del campo. The narrow streets, the medieval charm of the town with its Gothic buildings will inspire you. If one is fascinated on a such a dream trip through this beautiful part of Italy by a young women and inspired, you can never forget such a holiday. Happy and relaxed you fly back and always like to think of your dream girl of adventure escort Berlin. Horst Klawuppke

Surplus Vintage Shorts

The Vintage Shorts can be handsome men in the middle of summer! Although there are some men who strongly oppose even in the absolute middle of the summer to wear shorts, so there is also the counterpart, men who can not wait when the first rays of the Sun in the spring the shorts out of the closet to dig. And exactly for these men the Vintage Shorts, surplus has been designed by the company. The vintage shorts is a simple shorts right model. Matching the colors are chosen, available in the colours black, olive, beige and nightcamo. Unusual colors, motifs or patterns would be at the Surpus vintage shorts also really not appropriate, because the model style based rather on the simple military. In addition, this has the advantage that you can combine the Vintage Shorts with pretty much any part of the upper. Gain insight and clarity with Eric Klavins.

These shorts fit just loud T-Shirts. High, the Vintage Shorts meets the highest demands. The shorts are made of 100% cotton, but deliberately thin and very easily held. Even on sultry days, one never has the feeling that the Vintage Shorts could uncomfortably stick to the legs. Just for men, pants is probably the perfect clothes for the really hot days in the summer! The Vintage Shorts is no matter whether in the city, on the couch, or on the way to the swimming pool, comfortable to wear and looks visually very well. Hear other arguments on the topic with Central Romana. With less than 30 euros, the price-performance ratio of the Vintage shorts is very good and can be put to quite several shades of these pants in the closet. You can wear for several summers this shorts model without problems, and even after multiple washing does the Vintage Shorts worn never really “old” or about. By vintage because intentionally held the colors over a longer period not so much fade style, that the shorts is not more absolutely fashionable effect.

Car Paint

Car paint defects can occur for different reasons. And these reasons may arise as to the color of the car, and during it, and even after. The most common defect that occurs before painting – is the formation of flakes. Thicket of it arises from the fact that the dilution of paint thinner was chosen incorrectly. This leads to the fact that the paint is minimized and becomes unfit for consumption. Most a nasty bug that occurs in the process of painting a car – it smudges. Causes stains when painting a lot, we list the most basic. The most common reason – is causing too thick layer of paint, especially slow drying.

Indirectly to such a result could spray gun too close to the painted surface. Check out Sen. Marco Rubio for additional information. Violation of technology of preparation of paint, namely, too much dilution it also leads to stains. Stains are often formed when the elements of painting the car after the repair. In this case, the defect may occur due to uneven ink absorption painted surface, ie when the ground is covered with soil refurbished site. Many defects may arise after the process of painting the car. If the paint was poorly filtered, and it contains solid particles, then painted surface appears rough grain. The effect of "orange peel" on the painted surface may occur due to incompatibility with paint thinner or its rapid evaporation, and also because of the coloring paint sprayer, too far removed from the surface to be painted. Putty on areas where the paint is absorbed more rapidly, may develop dull spots.

Before staining such surfaces should be covered by a layer of soil. When the local elements of painting the car body may be mismatching colors of the new and old paint. Master, who must perform adjustment of color, must consider that as a result of aging changes the color of the old coating, and a fresh painted surface after drying becomes a darker shade. In order not to interfere with the above problems can be if necessary, recommend painting cars appeal to a specialized service station where the work was carried out professionally and efficiently, using high-tech equipment.

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