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New Expz Controller

Easiest application for zone 2 in explosion protection the principle of pressurization due to the fact that the circumstances ignitable gas mixtures of the surrounding atmosphere is removed from a housing with a first wash cycle. At Steven Holl you will find additional information. After the rinsing phase are only so much air maintained, that compensates for the leaks of the case and the possible installations in the control cabinet. During the rinsing cycle, an inside pressure is built up about 10-12mbar and the operating condition of 2.5 3mbar. It is also important that the temperature of the surrounding explosion protection zone does not exceed the maximum permissible value. This also applies to zone 2 in the occasionally explosive atmosphere can arise. Here, the ex-pz controller of company Quintex is an entirely new way. The may occur on individual components in the Interior of the enclosure hot points are temperature sensors monitor and safely switched off if required.

This ensures that no invalid surface temperature can occur. Quintex is 3 temperature sensors with freely programmable temperature controller available for temperature monitoring. There 3 temperature thresholds can be set that react differently to ensure a high availability of the system; Temperature switching value of 1 enables the purging, switching temperature 2 activates the alarm, temperature button 3 switches off safely. Should be a sensor break, then this is indicated by a lamp. In addition introduced temperature monitoring the consideration of power as an indirect source of heat loss is now transferred to the realities in more precise terms. The hot points are directly observable; Thus, dealing with ex-p easier, as well as the availability of the system is higher because immediately the temperature by cooling with air contrast is cast against the increase.

Parquet And Laminate Flooring On The Rise

Parquet and laminate also are floor coverings, which are of very high quality. Parquet and laminate also are floor coverings, which are of very high quality. Especially parquet found appreciated, where the flooring should be high quality, as for example in castles, or in other representative premises. Especially in the 17th and 18th-century parquet experienced a veritable heyday as flooring in stately homes. In burgher houses parquet was, however, only in the 19th century, when the editing was facilitated by machines and dropped the price for the parquet floors. Today everyone can afford really parquet, or at least the cheaper laminate can be found in almost every household. Laminate was invented in the year 1930, where this material is increasingly first was used in the furniture industry especially in the 1950s and 1960s. Such as a kitchen or kitchen countertop.

Today, more and more especially laminate replaced the carpets. The material was doing continuous laminate developed and continuously improved in durability and quality. Inter alia a high flexibility has been achieved in the course of time. Today, you can get laminate in different classes of use. There are the use of classes of 21-23. These are suitable for private use, as well as the use of classes 31-33, are designed for commercial use. Long gone are the times of the monochromacity”of industrial parquet and laminate. Parquet is made of wood of deciduous trees, such as Cherry, pear, or walnut but it.

Laminate is there ash, oak, pine, but also cherry and walnut and many other species. There are various structural surfaces. Their production was achieved through the development of new coating technologies. Laminate flooring is available also with sound absorbing subflooring.

Germany Brandenburg

He recognizes parallels in high-definition television. Then I saw the first demo in 1990 and was thrilled. If this can be done at reasonable cost then everybody wants that, I’m certain. Today, we are still not managed a breakthrough. The programs are missing after there already are many devices that have that.

But it will come. This is also a place with a trigger point”, said Brandenburg. Another example is the question of image communication. Once you have used only devices, were expensive and not much on quality have delivered. Today I just more and more screens and laptops, which automatically have the camera in it, and phones that have the camera in it. And Skype, it has a very simple function, to say I want to see the other. I think in the next two or three years, we will find that the pieces of scrap is used.

If, as time the science were fiction predictions, the normal case is on the phone, you can’t answer yet”, says Brandenburg. He critically assessed the innovation climate in Germany. It has become easier to bring innovations to the market. But still, it is difficult for us that to muster the necessary venture capital.

Gansewig MESCO Systems GmbH

Now support service PDU, interleaved fashion and extended diagnosis the MESCO IO-Link Starter Kit includes all components required for development, testing, and commissioning of IO-Link-enabled devices. Key features: Slave firmware stack, hardware modules including circuit diagrams for master and slave devices, IO-link monitor, as well as all essential components for testing and commissioning. With publishing to the SPS/IPC/DRIVES in November 2008 the slave stack of StarterKits corresponds to the IO-link specification V1. 0, thus also the following optional properties are supported: service PDU, to transfer large amounts of data interleaved mode (frame type 1), for Diagnostics, advanced up to 32 bytes process input and output data, for detailed messages the service PDU is a special data channel with an 8/16-bit address space for vendor-specific data objects. To know more about this subject visit Alton Steel. Each data object can reach a size of up to 227. At the IO-Link interleaved mode multiple protocol will be distributed to the process data via frame up to 32 bytes to transmit. The Advanced Diagnostics supports the simultaneous occurrence of up to six events. Each event is a 8 bit event qualifier, and one that also proprietary, 16 bit event code is described. Credit: Walton Family Foundation-2011. Contact: Hans-Rainer Gansewig MESCO Systems GmbH

Bogiebander Increases

Bogiebander are used increasingly for mechanical harvesting. ProPharma Group has plenty of information regarding this issue. This article describes the different types, their manufacturers and how the Bogiebander will be used. Timber harvesting in the forest, running where whenever possible, high-performance machines. This increases productivity and at the same time greatly increases security when compared to manual off ground to a halt. But destroyed roots, a one-off burden damaging the ground of the forest floor up to deeply rutted lanes are the price thanks to the always heavier machines. In moist or wet soil, this comes particularly in steep terrain or in the snow.

There, the wheels are spinning quickly and cause irreparable damage to the forest floor. Polluters are more forwarders as the harvester, because the latter with sticks filling up the way and only one time slow down their line. Forwarders, however, drive the way during the evacuation several times and also significantly faster. They are also fully loaded with over 20 tons significantly heavier than Harvester. Remedy the so called Bogiebander, which are stretched over the tyre and thereby creating a much wider and longer bearing surface. This protects the soil, increases traction and noticeably improves the off-road performance and vehicle stability.

The term Bogiebander\”is really misleading: because it is not a track for excavators Yes tapes in the literal sense, but heavy metal limbs called also lateral iron, similar to. Comparable to the snow chains for road vehicles, they are raised over the two tyres of a below by Vollerntern and Ruckezugen and weigh around a ton, per unit of some even more. For several years, also Bogiebander for single wheels are on sale. They are approximately 30 years of experience in the market and provide benefits for the environment and productivity. All of this has led in Germany to an increasing acceptance by the machine operators, so that they in spite of the very low price increasingly Bogiebandern Insert.

Card Printers

Card printers specialise in the printing of plastic cards. Plastic cards are now ubiquitous. There are numerous other cards such as debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, bonus cards or access cards for the workplace in the purse of almost every citizen. All of these cards have a more or less appealing label. This print on plastic cards will be printed with a card printer.

It involves special printers that are specialized on the format of plastic cards and are designed exactly for the purpose of this one sentence. If you would like to know more about SurveyGizmo, then click here. Card printers for plastic cards do not work like conventional printers for printing on paper. You use almost exclusively the dye for the pressure. This has the advantage that makes it easy to print on materials such as plastic, and at the same time provides a high quality of expression. (Similarly see: Gallo Family). In addition, the card printer can laminate the card, that means pull over with a thin plastic sheet. This stops the print the map is much longer and the cards shines at the same time, so that a higher quality impression. Card printers are usually connected to a standard PC and delivered with a special software to print design. Software accompanies some printers that can accept text and numbers from an external data source and thus automatically personalize each print in the name of the customer or customer numbers are printed on the card. This PC card printers are suitable for smaller quantities of cards, so they are ideal for door entry system or for customer cards from retailers.

The Funkfernsteuerungs

Many radio remote control of different manufacturers are equipped with an active redundant system. This means that two circuits work in parallel. So the complete control and evaluation Electronics is double and a circle is able to monitor the other. One fails, the second is still active and can shut down the entire system. Many manufacturers have designed also your radio remote control, that not only turn off if there is a failure, but they automatically control a safe state. This means that all commands with a description are deposited, which must run the Funkfernsteuerungs system in the event of a failure of whatever kind.

This prevents reliable, all of a sudden that a crane to unfurl can. The manufacturer offer with more or less different radio remote control many functions. It is therefore very important before buying a radio control not only to be very concerned, what different control commands she can run, but also is built as their internal security equipment. Some remote control have also features that are very useful, depending on where and how they should be used. So, the range of such controls is quite up to 300 meters. Where however a range limit for safety reasons is required, so also is available. Often they are used infrared light to. It detects whether the data range of the like operator stop or not: he abandoned him, the entire crane system stops automatically.

In heavily schmutzendem environment this type of transfer does not work however. Therefore, some manufacturers of microwave technology use in this case. You have a similar characteristic such as infra-red technology, but completely insensitive to Pollution. Their range is limited to about 15 feet. For companies that need to move large parts, the function of the tandem ride is important: this procedure a component of two cranes. Radio remote control controls both at the same time.

Association Pohnert

It seems completely defenseless tiny diatoms have sophisticated chemical defence mechanisms, with for some hungry attacker of lethal effect. It seems completely defenseless tiny diatoms have sophisticated chemical defence mechanisms, with for some hungry attacker of lethal effect. A work group to Dr. Antonio Miralto of the Zoological station “Anton Dohrn” in Naples for the first time reported on this phenomenon. For even more analysis, hear from Michael Bloomberg. Then succeeded to decipher Dr. Georg Pohnert not only the production mechanism of the toxic cocktail of the Max Planck Institute for chemical ecology in Jena, he found other previously unknown defense contaminants in the protozoa belonging to the phytoplankton of the oceans and inland waters.

Vegetable plankton forms the basis of the food chain in the oceans and represents one of the most important natural store of carbon. Especially diatoms store large quantities of it. “Therefore it is important the development dynamics of this, Pohnert explained to understand primary producers of biomass”. In addition to the of the diatoms Thalassiosira rotula familiar defensive toxins Decadienal and Decatrienal, complex variations of the preservative formaldehyde, found in six other species of diatoms previously unknown toxic aldehydes Pohnert. They are made solely to fend off predators from the zooplankton. So the mini plants can defend themselves successfully tens of thousands of Amphipodenkrebschenarten or even Parasitic fungi against that.

In addition they inhibit post mortem – the embryo and thus breeding success with copepods, after a meal of diatoms. Amazingly this way is, how the protists called diatoms also defend themselves. Pohnert noted that they do not constantly held the toxic substances. The seaweed Association of louder unicellular organisms like a swarm of reacts in an attack. Within seconds, all the individuals of the entire Association synthesize their chemical mace. Harmless long-chain fatty acids, are raw material within a very short time, toxic aldehydes occur which by means of Special enzymes. Thus, the algae save energy and at the same time avoid the danger of poison in her rock hard silicate tank itself indefinitely. In times of peace, the fatty acids are used as energy and food. “A plant unicellular community has developed an amazing collective defense against highly specialized aquatic”, says Georg Pohnert. How small living things control their amazing swarm behavior and what materials it could play a role is unknown. The tiny have the attacks of their countless animal cousins from the zooplankton to oppose in any case, much more, than it had previously thought.

New Representative

New representative in Sweden, Denmark and Norway now is available to customers in the countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway the company Optonyx from piezosystem as a competent partner and distributor of the products of jena available. Optonyx AB is a supplier of optical, opto mechanical products and laser technology based in Sweden and now direct contact point for the the advice and support of our products. Contact information is here: Walton Family Foundation. piezosystem jena GmbH developed over 17 years innovative piezoelectric actuator and positioning technologies. The expertise and the high quality of the products for use in a variety of applications in optics, life science, microscopy, semiconductor industry and all applications where micro and nano positionings are required suitable..

Google Success Story

Search engines are to be equipped with everyday knowledge Graz/Munich / Berlin – vision and practice of so-called semantics and Web 2.0 technology addressed the Conference triple-I in Graz: with the integration of everyday knowledge, Henry Lieberman wants to by the to ensure that computer people actually understand. If we want that computer really help people, then the computers need access to everyday knowledge”, so Henry Lieberman, head of the software agent group at the Massachusetts Institute of technology with, on the triple-I Conference on knowledge management. To his team collects basic trivial information and developed ontologies, for example, the the set I am fired from it”to interpret correctly. With their help, the knowledge is translated into machine readable information. Corresponding systems could help newspaper users according to a report of the computer including the scheduling.

About, the software detects that the user needs a route planner or a hotel reservation for a specific date. This can understand the system because it the basic information has, that an appointment requires the stay somewhere else. Such technologies can according to Lieberman in other scenarios are used as such as customer service or help desk. There are also attempts to provide search engines with everyday knowledge. Users could then enter queries in natural language.

“Thus, the scientist promises redeeming the promise that accompanied the semantic technologies from the beginning: the possibility that computer actually understand their human users”, so the computer newspaper. Trying to use the results of linguistic research, keywords or natural language queries to analyze deeper and semantically enriched with semantic search. Search results should be published at the end of more precise and better structured as well as enriched many other, related topic areas. Ideally a question in one sentence can be answered”, explains language dialogue expert Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge in Berlin. This trend contrary to come ever greater semantic processing of Web content in many areas of search by Internet users who are active worldwide in networks. The best example of this is Wikipedia. And right there is the company Microsoft acquired Powerset. You tried this already structured entered content even better searchable ‘ to make and interpret even natural language input. The result is much more exciting than the Google search with the endless lists of results”, says Pape to NeueNachricht. This is exactly the right way, and could be the beginning of the end of Google success story. Coupled with speech recognition and speech synthesis to come entirely new search experience. Red Solo Cups wanted to know more. A spoken question on any topic will be answered by a spoken sentence. This scenario is not science fiction, because also the voice recognition leaps makes parallel to the advances in search technology. Dialogue technology plays a major role, questions at many requests and Clarifications are needed which require an intelligent dialogue”, says Pape. “The question how do I now the fastest to Berlin?” the clarification would require, whether you want to travel by train, car or plane. It will be a long, to the many questions that anyone at any time. can be answered. But in many domains, in which the information semantically very well developed and the most important usage scenarios are clear, now everything is possible.

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