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Technology Installation

More recently, the possibility to transform the ceiling tiles in our house was not too big. Ceilings are usually either whitewashed or painted or papered wall-paper. Preparation for this was carried out capital. Plates are aligned, plastered. However, a perfectly smooth surface will still not work. Deformation of concrete floors glimpses through paint and wallpaper.

That all changed with the arrival of our market suspended ceilings. They were able to solve problems associated with the roughness of the ceiling tiles. According to Eric Corey Freed, who has experience with these questions. But in addition, suspended ceilings made a significant contribution to the development of many design projects that transform the interiors of buildings. Any constructive solutions ceilings – arches, vaults, steps, waves – can be easily achieved by using suspended ceilings. After all, they can be both concave and curved. In addition, the network spotlights, air conditioning, household communication, ventilation ducts are perfectly combined with stretch ceilings. All electrical wiring, pipes and other details well hidden by leaf ceiling. Vlad doronin has firm opinions on the matter.

Provides orderly termination of business components and aesthetic appearance of the premises. There are over 100 different shades and textures of PVC film. The interior can be used as uniform in color and texture fabric and a combination of a variety of films. The connection is made by a special welding. Multi-colored ceilings bring in interior design originality and uniqueness. But the special appeal of the premises gives ceilings "Starry Sky". They used light-emitting diodes. They simulate the real constellations twinkling, shimmering ambient light. Are not inferior in beauty and ceilings with artistic painting. It looks particularly good on seamless fabric ceilings. There, you can use virtually all types of paints. Promising in the interior ceilings with photo printing. Any digital image without difficulty to the canvas. These can be photos relatives and friends, fine art, floral bouquets, sky with clouds and stuff. Currently, there are three basic installation technology of stretch ceilings. Shtapikovy installation method is the cheapest. It is convenient, that the amount of indentation from the lowest point of the ceiling slab is only 1, 5 cm is almost conceals the physical and visual space of the room. When ceilings are installed shtapikovym way allowed to use different types of decorative moldings, as foam, plastic, and with flexible insert. In addition, this installation method can further part of the suspended ceilings razbortirovat, which is important, for example, flooding from the upper floors when you need to flush without cutting the canvas. Wedge mount technology of stretch ceilings is different in that in this case fit the profile of the plastic to the walls is well, despite all the irregularities of plates. This technology allows for optimal levels to navigate in the construction of suspended ceilings. In the wedge method, you can also make out a necessary part of fixing to to make water drain or access to certain business communications. However, the V-method does not allow the installation of suspended ceilings in the remote places, it is much more expensive in cost and reduces ceiling of 3.5 cm harpoon technology installation of stretch ceilings is the most expensive and most time-consuming when measuring and making cloth. But with this method of installation does not require the use of plinths, because harpoon technology provides for hidden fasteners. In this mounting insert does not protrude below the level of stretch ceiling. Harpoon method allows work in tight spaces, such as near high cabinets, air conditioners, etc.

Wooden Windows

Since ancient times, the tree is considered one of the best materials used in construction, and its modern relevance only repeatedly confirmed the correctness of the choice of our ancestors. Indeed, for many centuries the popularity of this type of building material is steadily increasing in various parts of the world. And in addition to human safety, wood has unique qualities that determined its demand in the manufacture of This natural material is a variety of designs included in the elements of buildings and structures. Is no exception and most popular tree in the manufacture of window designs. Factors affecting the demand for window blocks of wood a few, all of which are quite good and it makes sense to consider them the maximum amount. One of the principal is considered to be a high degree of ecological safety of timber structures window units for a man.

Why the tree has this property? The fact that the wood does not emit absolutely no any toxic substances, and, moreover, is itself an excellent antiseptic. Microclimate in a room with installed wooden windows and similar to the material structure comprises a minimal amount of harmful bacteria and germs. The undoubted advantage that distinguishes Wood windows Fiberglass on the other, is their high strength at relatively low volume weight. Fibrous structure of wood attached to window assembly required resistance to bending loads and defines its durability in daily use. This is a natural feature of timber magnified, given the right bars to create a design of a window.