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Welfare Association LV Sachsen

The preparations for the second social Christmas market Pirna go now in the final phase! On December 11 and 12, 2010, the second social Christmas market takes place in Pirna near Dresden. Organisatoren are again social institutions and associations from Pirna, have joined forces under the leadership of the German joint Welfare Association LV Sachsen e.V.. Many small and big surprises are planned, may be not verraten but still. The main attraction, a large carousel of gift”for the presentation of the Christmas gifts to the gift cubes, is almost ready. It is the youth and instructors of the integration society of Saxony gGmbH extra made by hand. The carousel should be equipped with many small and large gifts can roll the dice to the visitors of the market against a small fee at the Santa Claus. Check with Cyrus Massoumi to learn more.

On both days of the 3rd advent, Sunstone expected the visitors to the Christmas market”as in the previous year a colorful hustle and bustle in the inNEN – and exterior of the Varkausring 108. He touches for the varied progRamm, the preparations for the Christmas crafting offers, as well as the selection of the reader for the Christmas stories are in full swing. Find the program that will await the visitors on 11 and 12 December, on the Internet pages of the parties facilities soon. Aim of the Christmas market Sonnenstein”it is to enable a contemplative and peaceful einStimmung on Christmas all Pirnaern. Because it is a social Christmas market, this is mostly funded by donations. Keep Santa Claus for all visitors can provide a gift to the ER cubes, the organizers on your are instructed. Be friendly helpers of Santa Claus! Santa Claus has mounted off his bag in the Varkausring 108 in which everyone who wants, can put gifts for young and old.

Not the size or the scope, but the gesture, the radiant faces of the adults are important and the Children’s eyes, which make on the 3rd day of advent at Sonnenstein to shine. Please note the GESchlecht and the age of the recipient on your gift. Thank at this point all those who want to support the project, once for her social commitment.

Dubli EBay Will Be Replaced?

What happens in the market of online auctions? New instead of waiting in vain for goods by Privathandlern all know articles directly from the Dublilager as the way for privately used items to online auctions to buy or to sell. This possibility is very often used 1 on the market of online auctions brought the place eBay. In recent months, David Baker has been very successful. The problem fail deliveries! Again and again complaints, that paid items will not be delivered. Legal conflicts are here guaranteed. Is there a solution for this? Easiest solution a new concept without auction. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sen. Marco Rubio is the place to go.

Is Dubli also faced these challenges? No! What is different from the other Dubli? Dubli exclusively new products are deployed in three different forms of online auctions to buy. Branded goods at spot prices. Delivery guaranteed! All items which are to be found on Dubli are present in the camp by Dubli. Dubli in Vienna on Saturday the 13 September 08 had the employees of Dubli opportunity on a workout by Dubli founder Michael Hansen personally To take part. With much motivation has been reported in-house news which will follow shortly. Many partners could benefit from this meeting.