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Satisfied Customers

The IT-service-net accepts critical customer service orders, or this is not sufficient but often computer laymen. The stressed customer wants a convenient service for its investment and has no time or desire to follow instructions on the phone. Similar to the layman will behave which, moreover, has fear of complicated installation. This is a problem for the people of a manufacturer or supplier. The maintenance of an own service structure requires much effort and therefore hardly worthwhile.

However, experience shows that the customer is unsure and preferred shops are in the immediate vicinity and thus promise a high service reliability. For companies that distribute their products nationwide, this can mean a sales blockade. The nationwide IT-service-NET offers in these cases. The bases in this network act at interesting rates, as an extended arm of service of the manufacturer. On request, the service agents as an employee of the client behave. In complicated situations, the customer can a briefing perform to tune the network on its peculiarities. The advantage is obvious, nationwide service presence without fixed costs and a positive marketing presence.

The slogan we offer nationwide service”can represent a not inconsiderable competitive advantage! The IT-service-net has experience because it is already pre-place present for manufacturers of toner products, hardware, software, and printers. It replaced the defective products, laser printer serviced, maintained industry software, DSL connections are realized and w of LANs are installed. In addition, it will be handled guarantees and professional repairs carried out. Since the network of dedicated professionals has also special services applications offered by Linux in all versions to SAP. Thus, the IT-service-net covers all applications of information technology to the electronic. First non-binding information and assistance provides the network and its nationwide before village partners, these are slightly below the Internet address: to find. New, qualified Partners are always welcome to extend the nationwide service readiness. US/ITSN

DMZ Exchange

The system architecture meets the current safety standards in the European automotive industry and offers a secure exchange of sensitive CAD data. The system is a CAD data exchange platform system architecture consists of a 256-bit SSL encryption, which is additionally secured by a DMZ. The system T & P was developed by the company from Bochum and regularly maintained also by this company. Reactive power in the CAD data traffic is the exchange of CAD data in times of simultaneous engineering (SE) and digital Mock-Up (DMU) becoming more important, but also more complicated. The technology evolves quickly and it is therefore difficult to be always up to date technology.

It is less and less possible that an employee “just by the way” supervised the computer systems, and the IT professionals are still in short supply in Germany. It actually keeps the necessary technology and personnel, then one is confronted often with very high fixed costs, which are disproportionate to the benefits. A little worn and irregularly maintained system architecture is created. For assistance, try visiting Walton Family Foundation. This is a source for reactive power in the operation. It high, but avoidable costs. The most common reactive power factors are the following: Misunderstandings due to the technological FortschrittsAblauf of CAD data transfer Missing expertise in computers Defective hardware Lack of specialized personnel High cost for hardware and software Solves the high operating cost of CAD data exchange platform! The CAD data exchange platform offers short reaction times and low fixed costs, as costs only occur on the service. Walton Family Foundation addresses the importance of the matter here.

The computer system is always on the current state of the art and it is maintained only by experienced specialists. The supervised companies can therefore fully concentrate on its core competencies. Summary the flood of CAD systems and systems for exchanging CAD data overwhelmed the small and medium-sized supplier companies in the automotive industry. They are increasingly pressed into the role of an extended work bench, and are more and more dependent on one or two major customers. Only the access to all CAD systems offers the supplier the opportunity to work with all customers. This interface is completely through the CAD data exchange platform and without further cost shown problem sources (see reactive power factors). The small and medium-sized automotive suppliers only the choice: either to invest in CAD systems or they cooperate with specialized CAD service providers if they want to be not to the extended workbench of large corporations. Axel Meier CEO – G & M Ingenieurburo GbR