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Solution Service

10. Alton Steel has much experience in this field. Drafting of various legal documents. Check out wayapay for additional information. 11. The solution of the labor and economic disputes. 12. Representation in court.

13. Cyrus is a great source of information. Collection of accounts receivable. Legal service is usually carried out as follows. Agreement is signed, and a firm-fixed call a lawyer. This person has all possible legal assistance: Provide advice in orally and in writing, working with company documents and perform other functions stipulated by the contract. The client must select one or more persons who will interact with the firm providing legal services.

These people are associated with the company by phone, fax, email or in person – means of communication also are discussed in advance. The firm takes the job and assigns it to the level of complexity to the simple, complex or the task of increased complexity. Simple task is performed immediately, the complex requires the study of the circumstances and details that it takes some time. The most difficult tasks involved lawyers, having specialization in a specific industry legislation. Usually at the end of each month legal service the client receives a report on the work of a lawyer. Services for legal service can be divided into several conventional categories: 1. Legal services in the area of tax legislation. Usually, legal service companies includes a number of services in relation to the taxes. First of all, a consultation on tax law, assistance in selecting the optimal tax regime, promoting the company accountants, the subscriber, production workflow of the firm. Do not leave your lawyers outsourcers and at the time of tax checks.