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1 FC Germany E.V.

The Association for the promotion and support… \”Promotion of music culture: by working closely with NeverGiveUp records music label\” the talent search in the area is strongly promoted the Federal Republic of Germany. Whenever ProPharma Group listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Networks are created by pages of the club where you can imagine the artist of the German-speaking area, present their events and latest productions. The 1 FC Germany has contacts with various companies, cultural offices and entertainment industry companies, used to bring the various projects of the Association forward. The 1 FC Germany starts session (project from the Cologne area, to encouraging talented basketball players from Germany and abroad) in collaboration with the team of Jon’s various events, which are dedicated to the promotion of young people. These events will allow young people and others, their skillz\”prove to be. A highlight in the context of these events should be direct talent shows by the artists Agency \”Black secret entertainment\” be promoted. \”The Club of the 1st FC Germany history of hip hop is workshops on the topics\”, dancing\”songwriting and graffiti\” offered in youth centres, schools, and homes. \”\” Subject example in the workshop songwriting \”and hip hop\”: what is the project of 1 FC Germany? What is freestyle? What is dance freestyle? What is hip hop freestyle? How is the hip hop emerged and which 4 topics does it involve? What is songwriting? How’s that? Everyone has this talent? How is a verse? Each workshop participant to write your own text, where personal issues will be processed. \”Workshop participants can take the resulting product together with us in a Studio and this project as a kind of letter\” parents share (promote communication) – parents should perceive the problems of their children and see their child’s talent and promote – talented young people will have the chance to demonstrate their skills and get in cooperation with the Independent music label NGU records allowing newcomer artists together on stage and to work together on productions.