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Two Principles

The Pedagogia de Freinet has as focus the child, to respect the diversity of each individual to develop its personal identity with individuality, aims at to the modernization of the public school to take care of the essential necessities of the community where the school was inserted, Freinet was against the didactic book use, for these not to bring in its pages contents associates to the reality of the children. In the proposal pedagogical of Freinet the environment of the classroom would be propitiates for quarrels that also contemplated the contents of the resume and the facts of the daily life of the pupils, thus having an exchange of values, in which each involved citizen would construct to the end of the day a new paradigm, the development of the child if of the one in way free without the oppression it adult, a school that it would offer to the pupil the right of choosing with responsibility and disciplines what desires to learn, where schedule, with the purpose of developing its personality, its sense of responsibility which will lead inside for its life of the community exerting in it the function of a citizen I criticize, participativo, that with autonomy it will know to take conscientious decisions on definitive subject, thus ' ' The beddings and the lines of action of the Pedagogia Freinet, are centered in ' ' homem' ' in order to raise it higher it digni dade of its being. the full accomplishment of its personality through the experience of its cidadania.' ' Thus being I detach two beddings of the pedagogia of Freinet that can contribute in the development of the practical professor, the communication and free expression; the education for the work, for understanding that these two principles inside give to freedom and autonomy to the citizen of the pertaining to school environment preparing it for life citizen. .

Good Day

On the basis of these cited item above we create basic actions that use the same ones in day-by-day. Customers prospects the customers prospects are those that the consultants are carrying through the procedure of sales. More info: Alton Steel. To contribute in the certification of what the consultant this vendendo, a basic point, is the customer if to feel received, since the first contact with the professor, must act as hosts, the same it must have this contact, and already to feel our quality, that goes of the attendance until the lapsing of the exercises of efficient form. Attendance step by step; 1? Consultant: (s) the consulting ones (s) have the responsibility to present the customer to the professional who will be in room, the same have the responsibility to always facilitate this presentation, being intent when the consultant will be presenting the academy. 3? Professor: (s) the professor (s) must (m) if direct until the customer. 2? To create commitment: an extremely important step is the same to create commitment with the return of with phrases and objective questions; Either welcome! You go to train that hourly? When you go to start? Waiting I am you! Farewell: it has a good day, late or night.

Internal customer the internal customer is our friends of work, when arriving at the academy, looks for to compliment all, makes the politics of the good neighborhood, therefore in we only have to earn being cordial. External customer Already in the case of the external customer in them we must always keep a media with the same, therefore it is the reason of our profession. Beginning of the work: As soon as to initiate the expedient, we must compliment all the customers, with a good day, good good afternoon night. is essential to know all for the name. Reception of the customer: Recepcione the customer with one, Good Day, Good Afternoon or Good Night and Already makes one feed-back on its day, and the disposal to carry through its activities, it leads and it to the beginning of its training.