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Agreement Between Governments

For Letcia Veloso the Federal Government and Funai (National Foundation of the Indian) intend to finish the works of identification of areas destined to the indians Guarani Kaiow, the measure are part of an official agreement with the Government of the State of Mato Grosso of the South, initiate in the August end. The proposal determines the regularization of 32 aboriginal areas in 26 cities of the state. In interview divulged in the official site of the Funai, the president of the entity Mrcio Meira says that the Foundation if compromised to officially publish the procedures executed for the field teams and can open space to include the team of the state government in the works. The candidate to the Dourados City hall (MS) Wilson Biasotto (PT) criticized the landmark proposal, in interview to the site of the Daily MS the petista says that the indians do not need only lands, for Biasotto the Funai seprecipitou. The candidate of the PT considers ' ' one exagero' ' the amount of areas destined to the aboriginals and that other priorities exist as ' ' economic emancipation social of ndios' '. The Brazil Agency published interview (17/09) with aboriginal leaders of Golden that they had said to be unsatisfied with the agreement. One of the complaints is that no representative of the indians was invited by the Funai paraparticipardas meetings that had defined the routes of the project of landmark of the areas.