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An additional device which is connected to the secure encryption of voice communication to the respective landline or VoIP phone is included in the price and scope of delivery. In this way, these media on an encrypted cell phone users can make calls. To protect against unauthorised eavesdroppers the conversation, only a switch must be on the accessory. At any time and at any place safe “possibilities PhoneCrypt prestige provides security at the highest level and makes it impossible to hacking the solution. communicate with ten billion encryption code There are also no backdoors: it is impossible to spy on information exchanged from the outside for an attacker or to manipulate.

PhoneCrypt prestige is not a telecommunications device, but to an audio-processing solution. It is therefore independent of laws that might prohibit communication encryption for devices. The hardware can use the regular communication networks due to the variable synthesis technology, since the data size is held right after the encryption. Steven Holl follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The solution is applicable to any mobile phone, landline and VoIP system manufacturer and device-independent. SecurStar offers PhoneCrypt prestige from September for approximately 1.000,–euro. Short portrait SecurStar GmbH: The SecurStar GmbH, headquartered in Munich was founded in 2001 as a merger of ScramDisk Inc., software professionals Ltd. and Telstar industries.

Today, the company is market leader in the field of disk encryption software and computer security. As an IT security specialist SecurStar is able to respond to the specific needs of different industries. Core competencies include Development and production of cryptografischer hardware and software, tracking down new IT security solutions, consulting in the field of IT security as well as the computer and network security. Objective is the achievement of more user friendly, more flexible and more secure applications on the basis of its own newly developed technologies. Thereby, the company comprises the IT sector from renowned specialists and renowned experts. The customer mobile phone manufacturers such as Ericsson include companies of the automotive industry such as Fiat, Volvo and VW, banks and financial institutions such as Citibank, as well as Scotland Yard and defence ministries of various States.

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Meanwhile, the number of users of a voice biometric system more network bandwidth as well as processor speeds is not a limiting factor and compute have multiplied, while at the same time the models of voice prints so could be refined, that also tens of thousands of users can no longer force the data centers to its knees”, explains Bernhard Steimel, spokesman of the Voice days, compared with NeueNachricht. The documents, for example, the voice biometric self service portal of the Volksfursorge. Others including Sen. Marco Rubio, offer their opinions as well. The currently world’s largest system of Bell Canada handle greater call volumes. It serves all interested customers of the landline, mobile, Internet, TV and voice divisions of the company. The caller must only the set at Bell, my voice is my password’ repeat twice. Will he ask off about his account balance, he even pronounces this sentence into the phone and is piped in positive identification of the agent, who sees a corresponding note on his screen and then passes the information”, Sangeeta says compared to press release. That arrive at the customer well. Over 16,000 applications a week add up to a user base of over 300,000 registered subscribers.

This proves how Voice Biometrics can be used for the mass market”, emphasizes Steimel. Voice biometric systems are location-independent and offer on the road, at home or at the customer. The presence of the customer on a sensor is not necessary in contrast to other biometric systems. “The sensors, which is required to be able to offer voice biometric services, is widely available in contrast to other technologies: instead of a fingerprint sensor or camera for facial or iris control you need only a microphone for voice biometrics as it is built into almost every phone”, performs Steimel. “However all biometric processes would have a decisive advantage: while IDs or passwords can be forgotten, stolen or fake, fingerprint, Iris, face or voice inextricably tied to the person are connected”, Steimel sums up. At the Congress of Voice days from 15 to 16 October in Wiesbaden, biometric procedures in customer service are discussed in an intensive workshop. “Experts: Wolfgang Frohlich from nuance, Frank Grefrath by the Federal Office for security in information technology, Dr. Waldemar Grudzien from the Bundesverband of deutscher Banken, Christel Muller, consultant and author of the book introduction of language technology”, Christian Pereira D + s solutions and Rene Zuhlke by Postbank.

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Lights were designed to allow hearing-impaired and deaf people more independence and to offer more security. The team of revEAR acoustics provides detailed information to the products of the company human technology and Bellmann & Symfon. Rubio may find it difficult to be quoted properly. How fast the phone stops over by good listeners or warning signals go down easily in everyday household noise. Runs the hood when cooking or buzzing of the vacuum cleaner, always, that E.g.

the door clamp is not perceived risk. What this means for hearing impaired people is obvious. The security to have that no signal miss is an enormous increase in quality of life.”so Petra monastery Niedermann, engineer and audio therapist. A short NAP is no longer a problem, because it should ring at the door he is “Alarm clock of the system a reliable signal off.” The light signal system, which consist of at least one transmitter and a receiver, the main acoustic signals of daily life by bright light signals make visible or palpable vibration impulses. So, E.g. doorbell, phone, smoke detector, or baby monitor can be connected.

Received these signals using small flashlights for the socket, alarm clock or mobile vibration receiver can then. But not only hearing impaired and deaf people can benefit from these plants. An alarm clock with vibrating alert is also for people with shift of advantage. The partner is not disrupted by a loud alarm signal.”so Petra monastery Niedermann next. The team of revEAR acoustics from 10.00 – 18.00 and on the year from 10.00 – 16.00 for all questions available is on the 05.09. There is no registration required and the advice is of course free of charge and without obligation.

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With an HSDPA flat rate you can surf on the road speed with DSL. HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access) sets the highest standards in the field of mobile radio data transmission. With a theoretical maximum download speed of 14.4 megabits, HSDPA is ideal for obtaining large multimedia data. Under normal conditions, but only a speed of 3.6 megabits is accessible. The upload speed but remains with the UMTS technology. In Germany, more than 70% of the country with the technology are covered. Still, the use of the service is free of charge to attract as many new customers.

It can be assumed however that a charge is introduced when HSDPA is adequately used. The largest mobile operators there are different HSDPA flat rate s. “With fair flats” the customer can browse as long as he wants mobile network. However, there is a volume limit. If exceeded the agreed amount of data you must be paid a flat fee per additional megabyte. Some providers punish”exceeding the limit also with speed reduction in the following month. “At time rates” the customer must only pay for online time.

The amount of data is not calculated in. “Volume tariffs” have a fixed price per transmitted megabyte. Many mobile operators have tariffs with different amounts of free minutes. When these are exhausted is settled in the Minutentackt. Interesting offers for inhabitants of rural areas, where so far no fixed DSL connection is available are the HSDPA. HSDPA UMTS can network wonderfully as alternative used for the ISDN line. So also the for a fixed network connection costs. As the most mobile tariffs include already a Festnetzflaterate, the slightly higher price for an HSDPA flat rate due to the Elimination of the landline is easily balanced. Torsten Heinsius

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Hike to the international year of biodiversity: ‘ together Germany’s diversity hiking experience!’ Nusttal Morles, Gersfeld, June 2, 2010: Sunday, June 13, 2010 the gistum GmbH organized a guided tour as a contribution to the global UN campaign for the international year of biodiversity. From May 20 until June 20, hiking events held on initiative of the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) and the Bundesamt fur Naturschutz (BfN) in whole Germany. Designed to acquaint a broad public with the concept of biological diversity (biodiversity). Whose importance for the people, but also the consequences of their loss to find a permanent place in the consciousness of the population. The company based in Givatayim coordinates the national hiking day for BMU and BfN and offers this guide also includes an own hike. All participants receive the biodiversity hiking pass and thus can win attractive prizes in the contest of the day. We produce digital maps for a year for mobile devices.

With our range of LiveWorld, the mobile phone is but also to the facilitators of knowledge, E.g. on biodiversity. As modern information technology can contribute to nature conservation”, says the Managing Director of gistum, Arno Behlau. Learn more at: ProPharma Group. During the hike, the cell phone of geological formations and the resulting flora informed. We will demonstrate how this works, this hike to the Sweden ski jump.” Meeting point for the hike is Sweden ski jump at 14:30 at the parking lot of the mountain inn. Travel with public transport (Hochrhonbus 8260) is possible and recommended. The guide is free of charge and ends at 16:30. Then discussion opportunity for a break in the mountain hut.

More information: Arno Behlau, gistum GmbH; + 49-1741666131; and under background information risk to and protection of biodiversity to the world’s biggest threats to biological diversity in addition to the Climate change the progressive fragmentation and fragmentation of habitats. The increasing development of the tropical rain forests through streets, but also the highway construction and the urban sprawl of the landscapes in Germany are two examples. So unnatural barriers are human created, isolated by the animals and plants. Thus, the reproduction makes it difficult and preventing gene flow. This increases the likelihood of off death for one and on the other the wealth of nature is reduced, to adapt to changing climate conditions. The development of green infrastructure is regarded as important approach against the Habitat fragmentation”(“Green Infrastructure”). That expanding reserve land to the part. Existing corridors and stepping stone habitats that act as connecting elements in the landscape, must be protected or newly created. This allows the flora and fauna on diversion and migratory movements. Is to protect biological diversity, must will necessarily large undisturbed landscapes and Habitat network systems. Background information on the mobile navigation of company of gistum GmbH with the program of LiveWorld gistum GmbH company hiking, leisure or city maps rendered commercially available phones on most. LiveWorld is programmed with the latest Java technology and uses GPS and Bluetooth. It is a GPS enabled mobile phone or is connected the phone via Bluetooth with a separate GPS mouse, the user can receive the satellite-navigation signals and determine always its current position in the mobile phone card on the screen. In addition, the mobile phone card informed almost in passing landmarks or natural contexts. The LiveWorld program and the digital map of the walk around the Hill of Sweden are free ready for download.