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Randstad Staff

“Market innovators positioning themselves with online services market innovators recruitment agency in Germany position itself with online services Dusseldorf/Munich expect Golden times”, as Handelsblatt in a current message: “After the crisis more temporary workers will be busy than before” Randstad Chairman Ben Noteboom is quoted as saying. To broaden your perception, visit Sen. Marco Rubio. In the medium term, Randstad goes by one million people, who will be in Germany for personnel service providers under contract that would correspond to an increase in the number of employees in the industry to over 30 percent. Temping agencies, specialising on personnel services with qualified personnel such as commercial or IT staff, are hardly affected by the recession, so Reiner Pientka, Managing Director of tecops staff GmbH: in crisis a more flexible of personnel structure in the company gaining tremendously. Companies try against the backdrop of shrinking order books, to push costs, by them their internal processes and Optimize workflows. “A demand for knowledge temporary workers, resulting in the temporary staff resources needed in various IT projects ‘, accept the clearly-defined tasks for a fixed period”, Palaniappan reported. At the same time but many companies in Germany still spared himself to ask staff at temporary employment agencies: lack of transparency of the conditions and cost of the workers assignment decision reservations and a bad image of the industry, have created in the past know the tecops boss. To establish trust with customers and candidates, the personnel service providers therefore in addition to qualified personnel should transparency above all salaries, costs and margins, so staff expert Pientka.

To do this, especially the Internet and the new media are suitable: in our new website, which we launched at, we offer, for example, deliberately a cost calculator, which break up the cost items interested companies and candidates at a glance – up to our own margin We disclose every penny.” “In intelligent services based on the new media, also Michael Zondler the Personaldienstleisters Harvey Nash sees the key for a better image of the industry and exciting growth potential: with online services or mobile services, such as our iSuite for iPhone users, candidates like customers can check at any time to open positions and the status of their applications”, explains Zondler. Attractive self services would create added customer value that represents a real advantage especially in times of high competition pressure. A message from NeueNachricht. NeueNachricht is responsible for the content.


Schmidt Systemtechnik GmbH Verbandsgemeinde equips with barrier-free information terminal the visitor enters the foyer of the Verbandsgemeinde bad Marienberg is he from a dresser made of aluminium and steel welcomes: the Association community presents its comprehensive online offer for all citizens now also available in a barrier-free and ergonomic Internet terminal. From afar visible, a large video display, which encourages the visitor to discover the possibilities of the Terminal with image, text and sound towers over the Terminal. Inventor of innovative terminals is the Schmidt Systemtechnik GmbH Nisterau is represented as a manufacturer of electronic height-adjustable table systems international. Her exceptional know-how used the Schmidt Systemtechnik GmbH, to develop a terminal that but at the same time also robust and timeless design is ergonomic and barrier-free. Rainer Schmidt, Managing Director of Sai Systemtechnik GmbH, demonstrated the stepless height adjustment and says: Termin4All is a terminal for all People, because no one should be excluded in our society of technologies, that can make our life easier.

Using the height adjustment of keyboard and display at your fingertips wheelchair users also can use the Terminal and explore the Internet pages of the Verbandsgemeinde of.” Thomas Falkner, is responsible for the development of the supplied software of that breathes life into the Terminal. The employees of Schmidt system technology presents the functions and its software security concepts the interested audience. After the start of the Terminal, only the browser that a program for viewing Web pages, is visible to the user. On a portal page, the user opens up the Internet pages unlocked the verbandsgemeinde. Memorable pictograms explain the navigation through the pages of the Internet, so that even the most inexperienced users no insurmountable barriers.” Mayor Jurgen Schmidt boasts the possibilities, the Termin4All offers: the large video screen he wants also to use specifically to advise on interesting events and cultural offerings of the Verbandsgemeinde. Termin4All fits seamlessly into the architectural design of the foyer of the Verbandsgemeinde.

And that is no coincidence,”Stefan confirmed Linden, designer of the Terminal. Termin4All is so modular, that different materials from the powder-coated steel plate of precious woods to glass and granite matching to the interior design of our customers as a panel of the chassis use can be.” Jurgen Steup, the first Councillor of the Mayor and head of the Office of the Association community, welcomes the benefits that citizens can take out of the Terminal. Termin4All can the citizens to facilitate the orientation in the Association community by an interactive floor plan, assist in filling out forms and provide many information. And if the Terminal should be once stumped, the friendly staff of citizens offices are with help and advice. Company profile was the Schmidt Systemtechnik GmbH in 1961 by Mr Theo Schmidt founded. After completing his engineering studies, Mr Rainer Schmidt joined the company in 1979 and continues this as sole Managing Director since 1998. In decades of development, the company has specialized in the production of height-adjustable table systems from metal and is one of the market leaders in the industry.