Ice Fishing In Norway And Sweden

With the mountains ice fishing fishing holiday in Norway and Sweden, trend is also in the winter. NOVASOL-fishing offers comfortable cottages for anglers, situated directly on the Lake. Outdoor sport in the winter: ice fishing in Norway and Sweden NOVASOL fishing cottages? the most beautiful homes for photographing Hamburg, January 2013 a man, a frozen lake and a fishing line. Otherwise far and wide nothing but silent, snow-covered landscape. The perfect winter happiness is for more and more people away from fun on the slopes and ski crowds. And one of the most pristine adventure, you can still experience in frosty nature, ice fishing: warmed by thick clothes and hot tea, equipped with ice drills and mini Angel, can be enjoyed in a way the frozen version of outdoor hobbies that inspires more than three million, mostly men, in Germany alone (what, by the way hold women not, also to adjust the extra fresh Omega-3 supplier in increasing numbers. A related site: GSK CEO mentions similar findings.

Ice fishing in Scandinavia the most beautiful ice fishing destinations in Europe are in the solitude of Sweden and Norway. And while in North America and Canada already thousands to ice fishing happenings meet, to hunt the thickest fish hole to hole, offers solitude guaranteed Europe’s North in each direction. On foot or with the mountains looking his most private place in the Sun on one of the thousand lakes, drill a hole in the ice and wait till lunch bites. The right holiday home to trendy outdoor sports at NOVASOL, Europe’s leading holiday home, you get the ideal holiday homes for the Scandinavian winter adventure on the hook: specially equipped fishing – cottages, which to the best fishing waters, filleting space and have a freezer and the ice fishermen received after an exciting day of outdoor with Scandinavian coziness. Another plus: the houses are often very favourable during the winter season.